Notifications – the secret weapon for best practice HR

How do you remember all the important occasions and milestones? Charlie’s got you covered.

Whose birthday is it anyway?

Best people, best-practice HR

After you’ve taken so much care over attracting and hiring the right talent, how do you retain those people? So much of delivering HR best practices is about remembering the dates that matter.

Remembering a birthday (and having the cake to prove it) or celebrating a colleague’s work anniversary. These are the things that truly make your team feel appreciated and valued as individuals.

If people are your greatest asset, then celebrating them and marking their important occasions is the best practice for HR professionals and business leaders: and one which will pay off disproportionately in employee retention and goodwill.

An HR manager never forgets (thanks to Charlie)

If your memory isn’t 100% foolproof, fear not! CharlieHR has you covered: it’s never been easier to deliver this kind of best practice HR – thanks to our secret weapon.

As a line manager or team leader, you’ll get notifications about your teams’ birthdays and work anniversaries a week in advance. And just in case, we’ll send you a nudge the day before, too (plenty of time to pick up a box of emergency doughnuts on your morning commute).

Never miss another special day.

Best practice is early warnings

Be prepared, thanks to probation-end and visa expiry warnings

Don’t get caught out: proactive beats reactive anyday! Set probation dates for your team to get alerts in plenty of time to prepare and review.

Charlie also sends you 90-day and 30-day warnings when an employee’s visa is due to expire. Plenty of time to do all the necessary preparation and paperwork, without the stress of a looming deadline.

We’ll also send you a nudge on the day: but you’ll be well-prepared by then. That’s what best-practice HR looks like.

Stay on top of payroll data changes (before it’s too late)

Tearing your hair out over last-minute payroll changes? Did someone forget to tell you about a new starter on their team – again?

How do you avoid the nightmare scenario where hordes of angry employees break down your office door, waving pitchforks and payslips? Simply switch on Charlie’s payroll digest notifications to get a weekly update about everything affecting payroll.

It’ll fill you in on all new starters and leavers, as well as any changes to existing payroll employees’ details: any changes to name, address, bank details, NI number, marital status, or legal gender.

Save yourself the trouble of forwarding an email: add your accountant on Charlie and they’ll also get these notifications. Breathe a sigh of relief.

Time off notifications

Holiday requests and approvals

As you’d expect from a best-in-class time off manager, Charlie’s leave notifications mean that all line managers and team leaders get notified of holiday time off requests for their team.

Sometimes best-practice HR means being flexible, not rigid and rule-bound. If your organisational structure requires it, you can set anyone as an employee’s custom time off approver, so that they get the notifications instead.

Learn more about CharlieHR’s time off manager.

Sickness notifications

Whenever one of your team reports that they’re off sick, their line manager will get an immediate notification.

Working from home notifications

If your company offers flexible or remote working, upgrade to CharlieHR+ to enable working from home tracking. Get notifications to alert you when people are out of the office.

Learn more about premium people planning features in CharlieHR+.

Rollover notifications at the end of each holiday year

Early warnings can make all the difference: and preparing for a new time off year is no exception. Charlie alerts your company leadership a month before your company time off year finishes – giving you plenty of time to make adjustments and corrections.

If your policy lets employees carry over unused holiday from one year to the next, these early warnings give you plenty of time to set up and plan for this.


Customise to deliver your best practice

Set your own reminders

With notifications like these, you’ll be consistently achieving HR best practices – but to raise the bar further, you can adapt the secret weapon to your own HR process.

With CharlieHR+, you can define and set key dates for anything you like: check-ins, salary reviews, performance reviews and appraisals, or deadlines for training.

Learn more about how key dates can help to super-charge your onboarding process.

Increase visibility with Slack notifications

Want to receive notifications of everything HR-related at your company, in a private Slack group? Well, with CharlieHR you can.

Upgrade to CharlieHR+ and choose which notifications you want to receive, as well as which public or private channels to send them to.

Learn more about premium people planning features in CharlieHR+.