HR document management

Secure storage for your company’s essential HR documents

One central location for your important HR documents

Stay organised with easy to use HR software

Filing cabinets are great… at certain things. You can stand on them to replace a lightbulb, push them in front of a door in an emergency, and point at them while saying "I don’t know where the contract is, but I think it’s somewhere in there!".

What they’re not so good for is proving a 21st century HR document management system. Luckily, we’re here to help.

Upload documents to an employee’s individual profile.

Most HR documents relate to specific team members: from performance reviews, right-to-work documents and HR policies each member of the team will have associated documents that need looking after.

Charlie gives managers a secure place to store employee records on an individual’s profile. Private from the rest of the company and only visible to the people who strictly need access.

Clear visibility on must-see company documents

Other HR documents like employee handbooks and health & safety policies are mandatory reading across the entire company. Charlie allows HR managers & founders to upload documents onto a highly visible company profile page. Everyone in the company will be able to self-serve and access this information whenever they need it.

Store every type of document your business requires

With CharlieHR+ there is no limit to the number of documents a business can store it is a complete document management system. Customise the document storage functionality to your business, from dietary requirements to pets names, there is no limit to what you can safely store and access!

Learn more about customisable organisation of HR documents in CharlieHR+.

Secure HR document management

IS027001 accredited

An employer stores the most sensitive information on behalf of their employees, including passports and P45s. Keeping it safe and secure is an important obligation. CharlieHR is a secure cloud-based software that is ISO 27001 certified - the gold standard for information security (and your HR document management software).

Permission protected – control who sees which documents

Not all employee records are created equal. Some will need to be visible to the entire company whereas others (like an employee’s right to work documents) should only be viewable by those that absolutely need access.

Charlie’s document management software it makes it easy to control who has access to which documents.

Secure access from anywhere

Another advantage over physical storage: because Charlie is cloud HR software, these documents are available through any computer or mobile phone, wherever in the world you may be! Don’t be limited to the office.