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Take your HR system to the next level

CharlieHR+ has time-saving automation, increased customisation, and many more essential features for growing businesses.

Smarter onboarding

Automate your new starter list and manage everything in one place. Never miss important dates, and adapt to each individual.

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Plan for the future

Make informed decisions and spot trends with custom reporting. See when everyone is away at a glance and plan ahead with ease.

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Customisable organisation

Stay organised with flexible, ultra-secure storage. A central place to find answers and share relevant information.

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Automate your onboarding

Auto-create Slack and Trello accounts for new starters

Tools like Slack and Trello are used by millions of business. When a new starter joins, Charlie can create their Slack and Trello account automatically. Magic!

Delegate and supervise with onboarding checklists

Stay on top of a new starter’s first day (and beyond) with checklists in CharlieHR+. Create and assign tasks, set deadlines, then leave the reminders to us.

Create your own key date reminders

With CharlieHR+ you can create an unlimited number of custom key dates. Book in 30/60/90-day check-ins, performance reviews and appraisals, or record when training is due.

Flexible working with part-time weeks

Adjust any individual team member’s working week by selecting the days they’ll be working. We’ll even calculate how that affects their time off allowance.


Before their first day

Due: Mon 05 March 2018

Set up Gmail account


Order a new laptop

Invite to all company meetings

Introduce their buddy


“A big pain for us was coordinating multiple people to complete tasks every time we onboarded a new hire. Charlie ensures that everyone gets the same, consistent experience when they join the company.”

– Michael Laws, Head of Talent (Bulb, 82 team members)

Make informed decisions for the future

Plan ahead with the Calendar view

See when everyone is away in one quick glance, so you can plan your weeks and months ahead with ease. Filter by teams, offices, or individuals.

Increased visibility with public Slack channel notifications

Drop daily team updates into a public Slack channel. You’re always in control of what types of notification should be shared.

Flexible time off tracking for every type of culture

Keep track of as much or as little as you like by creating time off types for training, mental health days, study leave, time off in lieu, jury service, and sabbaticals. Team members can book them just like holiday or sick leave.

Stop guessing and start analysing

Understand and report on the trends within your own company – with CharlieHR+ you can fully customise the exact data that you need to report on (on top of existing report templates).


“CharlieHR+ has added even more value to what is already a great product, making my life infinitely easier. The Slack integration ensures great communication and the team calendar makes managing holidays a piece of cake!”

– Hannah Benneworth, Head of Operations (Inn Style, 10 team members)

Stay organised with ultra-secure HR document storage

Protect and secure your employee records

There are no limits on the number of documents and folders you can keep for each member of your team. Store identity documents, driving licenses, DBS checks, disciplinaries, certificates, share options, or letters.

Share information without limits

Share handbooks, policies, org charts, forms, and important announcements at a company level, and then provide useful information for each office.

Custom profiles

“Charlie has helped standardise a lot of our processes. For example, important documents for a team member are now stored on their profile in the HR system. This is a massive security win for us as it's super clear who has access to what information.”

– Michelle Davies, Vice President of People (DueDil, 82 team members)

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