Stay organised with ultra-secure HR document storage

With HR+ you get a central place to find answers and share relevant information.

A central place for people to find answers

Protect and secure your employee records

Charlie is ISO27001:2013-certified: the gold standard in information security.

There are no limits on the number of documents and folders you can keep for each member of your team. Store identity documents, driving licenses, DBS checks, disciplinaries, certificates, share options, or letters.

Keep information relevant with multiple Office Profiles

Separate local information, such as WiFi codes and emergency contacts, by assigning it to an individual Office. Keep your Company Profile free for the really important stuff.

Share information without limits

You can create unlimited Company and Office notes in CharlieHR+.

Share handbooks, policies, org charts, forms, and important announcements at a company level, and then provide useful information in the form of meeting room details, fire assembly points, rotas, seating plans, and nearby lunch spots for each office.

Unlimited hr positive

“At YunoJuno the thing we most value is the people who work here, and the experience we provide them. From onboarding to all facets of managing people, Charlie provides a brilliant experience, and supports the processes of building a fast-growing team. It's bloody great!”

– Chris Cater, COO (YunoJuno, 44 team members)

Don’t leave the important stuff to chance

Set a company cadence with helpful reminders

With CharlieHR+ you can create an unlimited number of custom key dates – to remind you about important milestones. Use them to book in training, salary reviews, contract end dates, and as part of your ongoing performance reviews and appraisal cycle.

Don’t leave it to chance: choose the best tempo to help your team leaders foster your company’s talent.

Consistently deliver your best practice

Eliminate unfairness and inconsistency. Create and share repeatable processes in the form of checklist templates so that team leaders and line managers can deliver their best time and time again. Whether that’s appraisals, performance improvement plans, offboarding, training – you name it.

Help your team get organised, stay consistent, and save time – while treating everyone fairly.

“At Supervisual we apply "Work Smart and Make Art" to everything we do. Checklists in CharlieHR+ fits right into our way of thinking and even works as a way to communicate "Work Smart, Make Art" to our employees, right from day one.”

– Daniel Mierzwinski, Chief Product Officer (Supervisual, 8 team members)

Custom profiles

Take your HR system to the next level

CharlieHR+ has time-saving automation, increased customisation, and many more essential features for growing businesses.

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