Make informed decisions for the future

With HR+ you can see when everyone is away at a glance and plan ahead with ease.

Who’s in, who’s out? (Who’s shaking it all about?)

Plan ahead with the Calendar view

See when everyone is away in one quick glance, so you can plan your weeks and months ahead with ease. Filter by teams, offices, or individuals.

Share where you are with Work From Home tracking

One click on your profile is all it takes to alert your team when you're working from home. You don’t have to be in the same room to be a team… as long as you’re on CharlieHR+.

Increased visibility with public Slack channel notifications

Drop daily team updates into a public Slack channel. You’re always in control of what types of notification should be shared.


“At Tide it's vital that we're able to plan ahead and allocate resources for our projects, so the Calendar view in CharlieHR+ is now the point of truth for all of our team.”

– Rosanna Knottenbelt, Special Projects Manager (Tide, 56 team members)

Adapt holiday tracking and controls to suit you

Flexible time off tracking for every type of culture

Keep track of as much or as little as you like by creating time off types for training, mental health days, study leave, time off in lieu, jury service, and sabbaticals. Team members can book them just like holiday or sick leave.

Set controls over when leave can be taken

Need everyone to attend a company meeting? Closing the office for the holidays?

Set mandatory time off periods to encourage your team to take a break, and restricted dates to prevent them from taking leave over a specific period. Both are unlimited with CharlieHR+.

“One of the biggest advantages that we've found is the Slack integration – it's really good. It's really difficult to keep track of where everyone is (and you don't want it to seem like you're keeping track of people), but HR+ does it in an easy way. Now everything that's happening, who's off, who's working from home: it's all in one place.”

– Ged Scheuber, COO (Rotageek, 30 team members)


Spot trends with custom reporting

Stop guessing and start analysing

Understand and report on the trends within your own company – with CharlieHR+ you can fully customise the exact data that you need to report on (on top of existing report templates).

Select the fields you want to see, decide the order of the layout, and then bookmark the report for the future. You can filter for specific dates, and even export everything to your favourite spreadsheet tool.

“The custom reporting is a big help. As part of my role I prepare several reports at the end of the month. Previously when I needed to compile these, I had to spend time making the report in a spreadsheet. In Charlie it's a click of a few buttons and I can have the report that I need.”

– Michelle Davies, Vice President of People (DueDil, 82 team members)


Take your HR system to the next level

CharlieHR+ has time-saving automation, increased customisation, and many more essential features for growing businesses.

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