Give your new hire the perfect first week

Get everything ready and make a great first impression with your new starters.

Charlie collectes the details you want.

Collect the data you need.

Automate the admin

Collect the information you need to run HR & payroll

Get contact information, passports, bank details and more, just by sending one email from Charlie.

Everything is accessible when and where you need it.

Easily find what you are looking for.

Everything in one place

Make a great first impression on your new hire

Make your new hire feel comfortable with your company and their teammates. All the documents and information they need is just a click away in Charlie.


Before their first day

Due: Wed 19 August 2020

Set up Gmail account


Order a new laptop

Invite to all company meetings

Introduce their buddy


A world-class welcome for new joiners.

Customised onboarding

Create checklists to fit your onboarding process

Never forget to setup meetings with senior staff, schedule regular check-ins, or order a laptop.

Employee onboarding guide cover


8 ways to give your new hire the perfect first week

10 ways to make a great first impression

4 must-have checklists to get ready for your new hire

Expert insights on dealing with probation periods

... and so much more

Companies love CharlieHR

“A big pain for us was coordinating multiple people to complete tasks every time we onboarded a new hire. Charlie ensures that everyone gets the same, consistent experience when they join the company.”

Michael Laws – Head of Talent

Bulb – 124 team members

“CharlieHR means all new staff are onboarded quickly and efficiently and I'm convinced this has helped keep staff turnover down too.”

Hannah Benneworth – Head of Operations

Inn Style – 20 team members