An HR system to be proud of

From staff details to company handbooks, securely store all your data.

Charlie stores all your information in one easy to access platform.

Everything in one place.
No worries.

Essential HR records without the hassle

Employees upload payroll details, next-of-kin, passports, and P45s. Add contracts, letters, and more to their profile.

No HR experience needed

You don’t need to be a seasoned HR pro. Charlie keeps you compliant and notified – even down to visa expiry warnings.

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Everything is accessible when and where you need it.

Put your hands on information when you need it.

No GDPR nightmares: everything’s in one place

GDPR brings accountability for how you store team data. Be transparent about what you hold, where it’s held, and who has access.

Full compliance, no legal repercussions

When the auditors descend, instantly find employee records. Contracts, details, right-to-work proof, and more – at a glance.

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Before their first day

Due: Sun 01 April 2018

Set up Gmail account


Order a new laptop

Invite to all company meetings

Introduce their buddy


Take pride in your paperless people processes.

Impress new starters (and old hands)

Embarrassed by the size of your filing cabinet? Stay tidy, organised, centralised – and access anywhere.

Build a pioneering and progressive business

Most people aspire to work in a paperless environment. Lead the way, and build a company to be proud of.

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Your data is safe

Secure and encrypted

Much more secure than spreadsheets and filing cabinets.

Control access with permission levels

Grant visibility to those who need it. Keep sensitive data private.

ISO 27001 accredited

The highest security standard. World class information security management.