Holiday management for employees...

Managing holiday with spreadsheets can be painful


Swamped with stuff

Tedious tasks

Grumpy team

Managing holiday with Charlie is very easy.



Always in sync

Happy team

Team members can easily book time off online.

Make everyone's
lives easier

Employees enjoy booking time off

Holiday, sick leave, and parental leave all in one easy-to-use platform. Who knew HR could look so good?

Managers enjoy approving

Team leaders manage their own teams. Spread happiness every time you approve holiday – with a click of a button.

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Charlie keeps an eye on what is going on, and sends you actionable notifications.

Oversee without being overwhelmed

Clear visibility to prevent clashes

View and set annual leave allowances, and spot potential clashes before they happen. Proactively make adjustments.

Smart notifications help you manage like a pro

Know who is in the office each morning. Receive actionable notifications to your email inbox and in Slack.

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Charlie makes tedious admin tasks quick and easy.

Fewer interruptions (make progress on the work that matters)

No more tedious tasks

Let Charlie do the drudge work. Holiday requests are automatically sent to the right approver. Approved leave is automatically added to your holiday calendar.

You’re more than an answer machine

Employees can quickly answer their own questions about holiday, time off remaining, and the status of any holiday requests.

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Companies love CharlieHR

Interruptions from admin tasks can kill your productivity. Save your day from admin and focus on the work that matters to you.

“Simplified our HR processes and saved countless hours

– Stephanie

“It means no more spreadsheets and everything is centralised”

– Raoul Tawadey

“Implementation of the system was incredibly swift

– Kate Norman