Charlie champions. Spread the word, get rewards!

Give a leg-up to your fellow small business leaders who are still being bogged-down by paperwork, spreadsheets and endless email chains.

Charlie champions. Spread the word, get rewards!

We started Charlie because we wanted to help great small businesses do great HR.

Refer them to Charlie, and enjoy 3 months for free, for you and for them.

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How does it work?

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Refer Charlie to your network of small business leaders and...

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Get rewarded with 3 months of Charlie for free, for you and for them!

Refer a small business

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Refer a small business

Terms & conditions

Do I have to be a Charlie customer to refer someone?


No! Anyone can participate, whether you are a current customer, a former user, or simply a fan.

How many people can I refer to Charlie?


There are no limits to the number of people you can refer. The more the better! You'll earn 3 months free for every successful referral.

When will my 3-month discount start?


If you're a new customer, your first 3 months using Charlie will be free.

If you're an existing customer, the discount will be applied to your account from the month after your friend signs up.

What is the commitment period for referred customers?


New customers who take part in the scheme must sign up for a minimum of a year of Charlie.

Does the discount apply to all of Charlie's products?


The discount applies to Charlie's core HR software, excluding our add-ons (Charlie Plus, Charlie Recruit and Charlie Advice).

Can I combine my referral reward with other promotions?


No, the referral discount can't be used in conjunction with other offers.

Are discounts at the discretion of Charlie?


Yes, discounts are at our discretion and may be modified or withdrawn at any time without notice.

Give the gift of effortless HR

Refer a small business