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Thousands of companies use Charlie to onboard new hires, store documents and book time off.



Set up new hires before their first day. Collect documents, create logins and give them the welcome they deserve.

Docs and Directory

Team Directory

Individual profiles ensure everyone’s personal details are easy to find and always up to date.

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Time Off

Manage holiday requests, sick days and remote working. Stay organised and plan easily with a calendar overview.

Smart notifications


First days, last days, anniversaries and birthdays...straight to your inbox or via our Slack integration.

A central hub for everything

From company handbooks to individual appraisals, securely store all your important details and documents on Charlie so that everyone knows where to go for whatever they need.


Company handbook

Performance review

Signed contract

Basic information


Evan Walker


HR Manager

Teams take care of themselves

Individuals take control of their own profiles where they can update their personal details and manage their holiday requests, whilst team leaders can add notes and attach documents. It’s the simplest way for teams to run themselves.

HR software

Stay on top of what’s happening

Clear visibility on time off and smart reminders for key dates, birthdays and anniversaries keeps everyone fully informed. Charlie surfaces what you need to know, when you need it the most, so you can say no to endless nagging.

Mark Castro has requested
5 days holiday








Overlapping time off

Sofia Lorenza: 19 December to 22 December