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Organise your employee records, manage
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Save 20 hours per month.

Find whatever you need, instantly.

All your people records, all in one place – from dates and documents to contact and payroll details.

Store your policies, handbooks and office information centrally.

Easily manage time off

Simple to request, approve and oversee holidays and time out the office.

Track allowances and clearly see who’s away and when.

Team leaders can easily approve time off.

Onboard new hires with one click

Custom templates keep onboarding consistent and easy.

Assign tasks to individuals with automated reminders.

Develop your team with performance management

Create a consistent process for appraisals, probation reviews and monthly check-ins.

Automated scheduling ensures everyone is constantly making progress towards their goals.

“It’s saved me an afternoon a week. And saved even more time across the organisation. HR is just part of my role. I also have finance, health and safety, and operations. I now have more time for my other priorities.”

Ben Porter

Office Manager, Back on Track

(23 Team Members)

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