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The CultureOps Podcast Season 3 - All Episodes

The CultureOps Podcast Season 3 - All Episodes

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Hosted by Ben Branson-Gateley. Produced by Melanie Schmeelke.


How Oatly’s culture of purpose affects discretionary effort and employee engagement with Laura Wyatt

Laura Wyatt, People and Culture Manager at Oatly has never seen an employee resign. In the wake of COVID and with many companies experiencing ‘the great resignation’, businesses need to be more creative and intentional with employee engagement than ever before.

In this episode we dive into how Oatly’s culture of purpose and intention has impacted employee engagement, retention, motivation and discretionary effort.


The importance of culture in the cohesion of high performing teams with Khoi Tu

Khoi Tu, author of SuperTeams joins us to talk about high performing teams, and why leaders are vital to trust, cohesion and inclusivity in team construction. Without them, you can’t build a business or a high performing team that will go the distance and hit business milestones.


Why inauthentic cultures fail, and how to build a real one with Camilla Boyer

Camilla Boyer, head of internal communications and culture at Hopin, joins us to discuss why a safe and diverse space along with building trust is crucial to crafting a genuine culture for your business.


Building a continually self-improving culture through feedback with Shivani Berry

Shivani Berry, CEO & Founder of Ascend says the best leaders are feedback magnets. But how can you turn what is often a scary thing, into something beneficial for the company and culture you’re crafting?


Crafting courageous, autonomous cultures with Karin Hurt

How do you build a culture that fosters courage, the understanding that each opinion matters and avoids the trap of leadership teams thinking they always know best?

Karin Hurt, CEO of Let’s Grow Leaders and author of Courageous Cultures joins us to discuss the tools and necessity of building a courageous, autonomous culture.


How to build a remote-first culture and prioritise the virtual employee experience with Daphnée Laforest

For many, WFH is here to stay. Daphnée Laforest, an expert in remote-first organisation strategy and the Founder of Modern Leaders speaks to us about how you can build a great remote-first company with a strong, supportive culture that fosters inclusion, engagement and performance.


How to build a culture that confronts racial bias with Daisy Auger-Dominguez

It can be tricky figuring out a framework and the key cogs of any organisation to work on to confront racial bias and rectify inequalities. Daisy Auger-Dominguez has been doing that good work at the likes of Google, Disney and now VICE Media, and has a new book on the subject out.


How to codify and update your values to boost performance with Chloe Bartle

You've codified your values into a functional, high performing culture. But how do you move from an early stage, speed oriented culture into something that fits your current team and business goals?

Chloe Bartle, Head of People and Culture at Trouva, came out of the pandemic of 2020 with a stronger team in need of a re-coding of their values which had become irrelevant to boosting performance and was driving away talent. She joins us to talk about how they turned things around at Trouva, and saved their culture by updating it.


How compensation affects your culture with Jonas Bøgh Larsen

Compensation isn’t the only thing employees care about now - which is not to stay it’s not still vital to their experience, performance and happiness.

Jonas Bøgh Larsen, Co-founder and CEO of Pento - CharlieHR’s new payroll partner, joins us to discuss how people should navigate compensation to boost performance, attraction and retention and support the culture you want to build.


What matters more now - company culture or flexible working? With Hung Lee

We’re in the middle of the biggest shift in what people expect from work in the last 50 years. Team members are more willing to move jobs more quickly to maximise their compensation - so how can you as a business refresh your culture and policies to better hold onto top talent and attract the best?

Hung Lee, author of Recruiting Brainfood, joins us to share his thoughts and insights into how businesses can remain competitive even during the candidate shortage of present.


Understanding the true cost of a negative workplace culture with Gemma McCall

How can you tell if your culture is a healthy and inclusive one founded on trust? How do you bring policies to life? Gemma McCall, CEO and co-founder of CultureShift joins us to discuss her experiences of negative workplace cultures, their impact and her expert advice on how to manage and combat them.

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