Building a company is hard.
Running one shouldn’t be.


When you’re working hard to bring your ideas to life, your first priority should be your team, not your admin. We created CharlieHR to solve the challenges that we faced while starting our own businesses. We know the difference that even a few saved hours can make in a busy working week. CharlieHR gives you more time to do more of what matters, and more of what you love.

We believe it’s the small companies of today that will solve the important problems of tomorrow. CharlieHR itself might not change the world, but we’re building tools to empower the people that will.

That’s a journey we’re extremely proud to be on.

Team Charlie x

Meet the gang...

Ben Gateley
COO & Co-Founder
🚴 ☕️ 😍
Rob O'Donovan
CEO & Co-Founder
⛷ 🎧 😂
Tom Carrington Smith
CPO & Co-Founder
👊 📱 🏏
Jørgen Sundt
Lead Product Designer
🖖 🚀 🎮
Matt Grannell
Product Designer
🏀 🏋 🗺
Matt Wallace
Growth Manager
😀 🎶 📚
Neo Sepulveda
Software Engineer
🐒 🖥 🏔
Oyinda Bamgbose
Customer Experience Manager
😇 💃 😇
Esme Leyland
Account Manager
💃 🐧 ⛵️
Tim McDonald-Bell
Software Engineer
🤔 🤖 🍻
Katie Grogan
Product Designer
🙌 🎨 🍫
Dan Lucraft
Head of Engineering
🤓 💻 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧
Saffron Kennedy
Customer Experience Manager
🍕 💁🏻 🐶
Amy Cowpe
Marketing Manager
🌎 🙏🏼 💁🏼

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