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Get the best HR services for small businesses: receive world-class HR advice and automate your most time-consuming tasks all in one go.

No need to hire: get a dedicated advisor with our HR advice service and automate time-consuming tasks with HR software

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The HR support your small business needs 

HR support for small businesses encompasses a lot of aspects, and it may be difficult for you to know which way to turn to when there’s so much noise on the market. 

Whether you’re a startup founder, an operations manager or an HR professional, the questions are infinite, and you may wish there was someone to give you a proper answer

At Charlie, our mission is to remove these headaches from your day-to-day and guarantee compliance and trust every step of the way

Whatever your role is, we fill the gaps in your knowledge and gives you adequate resources to tackle your HR challenges:

  • Documentation – get all your paperwork sorted including, but not limited to, company handbook, employment contracts and HR policies 

  • Compliance – let our advisors keep you up to date with the ever-changing UK legislation

  • HR expertise – lean on an expert to handle complex situations such as grievances, redundancies and more 

  • HR automation –  store employee records securely, automate the most time-consuming tasks and analyse your HR data 

Phone, email or chatPhone, email or chat
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The peace of mind you were looking for

Not knowing whether you’re on the right side of the law can be stressful – for lack of money or time, what often happens is that small businesses and startups choose to handle HR all by themselves. 

This is understandable, but can lead to dramatic consequences such as tremendous corporate fines that could simply put your business under. Are you really willing to take that risk?  

At Charlie, our HR services for small businesses means you can rely on our advisors and software to keep your business safe.  

Whether you’re a CEO in need of legally-compliant employment contracts, an Operations Manager building a thorough onboarding process or a Chief of Staff ensuring all mandatory HR policies are in place – Charlie’s got you covered: 

  • CIPD qualified professionals

  • A dedicated advisor by your side

  • Unlimited support via phone, email or chat

  • Bespoke company handbook and HR policies 

  • Annual compliance audits

  • Employment contracts 

  • Health and Safety 

  • DE&I 

  • Access to HR templates and letters 

  • HR software  

Give your team clarity
Give your team clarity

The full-time hire your small business won’t need to make

Many startups and small businesses often believe they need to hire someone full time to deal with HR, but it doesn't have to be the case.

With HR outsourcing like Charlie, you can get all of it covered, and it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune or make you go through a lengthy recruitment process which you don’t have time to oversee:

  • No hiring process – get advice anytime you need it

  • Affordable – cheaper than a full-time hire

  • Time-saving – gain back hours by automating your HR tasks

Our HR advice service has been specifically created for small businesses and goes hand in hand with HR software to streamline all your core HR processes.  

Get advice that takes your unique circumstances into account, same as a full-time hire, from £179 per month – book a call today.

Cost for getting support compared to othersCost for getting support compared to others

Complete your HR support for small businesses with HR software 

Getting the right HR support for your small business is essential, but will it really be worth it without the possibility to automate some of the most time-consuming daily HR tasks you have? 

That’s why we created our HR software: it goes hand in hand with our advice service to completely outsource your HR

That way, there’s never a gap in your HR processes – Charlie guarantees your business due diligence, efficiency and security.

  • Self-serve onboarding – stop the back and forth and get new hires to upload their documents and fill in their information

  • Time off requests – forget spreadsheets, with Charlie requests are sent by team members and approved or denied in one click

  • Automated cycle reviews – make progression a priority and keep your team's growth in check 

If you’d like to find out more about what our HR software can do, simply start a free trial today.

Automate your HR
Automate your HR with CharlieHR

See how HR support for small businesses can help you...

CEO / Startup Founder / Managing Director 

I want my employment contracts and paperwork sorted with no fuss, and save time on HR admin as much as possible so I can focus on my actual job. 

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Operations Manager / Office Manager

I want to streamline our HR processes and build the right HR policies for my company to thrive and become a leader on the job market. 

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HR Professional / Head of People

I want a secure place to report on employee data and time off to spot crucial insights and be able to receive the right advice to build a concise People strategy. 

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Trusted by some of the UK's most exciting small companies...

Bloom & Wild
Born Social
Ally Fekaiki

“The success of any company depends on the team that runs it. Charlie doesn’t just save me time – it gives me the headspace I need to support my team and help them to perform at their best.”

Ally Fekaiki, founder of Juno

At Charlie, HR support for small businesses means: 

A dedicated CIPD-trained advisor by your side via phone, email or live chat
Regular check-ins and unlimited support
A full company handbook 
Review and creation of your HR policies and employment contracts 
Assessment and improvement of onboarding processes 
Guarantee to stay compliant with an annual audit 
Benchmarking information for company policies to stay competitive in the job market 
DE&I health check and support 
Tailored small business advice to improve performance and engagement 

And some extras: 

Exclusive webinars for HR advice customers 
A monthly newsletter full of free guidance and insightful tips 
An HR advice library that includes free resources such as policies and templates 

Save time on HR admin and build an engaged, high-performing team

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