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Get expert advice and do everything by the book with a dedicated HR advisor by your side.

Get expert advice and do everything by the book with a dedicated HR advisor by your side.

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Why do small businesses like yours need HR support? 

Between managing all the paperwork, building policies from scratch and stressing about whether or not your business is compliant – it quickly becomes too much for one person to handle.  

That’s where HR outsourcing comes in to take all that stress away. An HR advisor can help you craft HR policies and employment contracts, answer your legal questions, help you make decisions and bring neutrality to the table – no need for a full-time hire. 

Whether you’re responsible for HR at your business or a small business owner, HR can become overwhelming with no previous experience or knowledge of UK employment law. 

Phone, email or chatPhone, email or chat

What is the cost of outsourcing your HR?

For small businesses and startups, costs are crucial and will determine whether they can afford HR support or not. 

Here’s an overview of what HR might end up costing to your business depending on which solution you choose: 

  • In-house – from £4,000/month – an HR manager on hand at all times, but not necessarily the best option if you only need ad-hoc support

  • Employment lawyers – £3,500/month – will do everything by the book and ensure your business is compliant, but with a very corporate approach that won’t enable you to create a high-performing and engaged workplace to retain and attract the best talent

  • HR consultancy – between £550 and £3,240/month – a person or service that ticks all the boxes, but without any small business expertise and a risk of being too costly and provide advice made for bigger companies 

  • Charlie’s HR advice service – an HR support service specifically made for small businesses that go hand in hand with HR software to streamline all your core HR processes 

Cost for getting support compared to others
Cost for getting support compared to others
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How can CharlieHR help my UK small business with HR advice? 

At Charlie, we know what it’s like to grow your business in an environment where you doubt your own decisions and you’re never really sure whether what you’re doing is right. 

That’s why we hired a team of like-minded and trustworthy advisors that combine over 20 years of experience in the HR space to help you build strong foundations and support your growth. 

We also took care of setting the service at a price you can afford – from £179 per month – with unlimited advice and help on a diverse range of issues including but not limited to: 

  • Guidance regarding UK employment law 

  • Compliance with all your paperwork and employment contracts 

  • Creation of a bespoke employee handbook with all the HR policies you need 

  • Personalised advice in delicate situations such as underperformance, disciplinary actions, redundancies and more

Give your team clarityGive your team clarity

What sets us apart from other solutions to outsource your HR? 

As a small business ourselves, we think it’s important to help each other out and share the knowledge and experience we have – that’s where the idea of HR advice came from. 

With a dedicated advisor by your side, you get advice that takes your unique circumstances into account – way more than what you’d get from a copy-paste email reply or a call centre agent who doesn’t know who you are. 

We know our customers and their small businesses like the back of our hand, which enables us to provide high-quality advice that you can’t find anywhere else on the market. 

Our service also gives you the flexibility you need with no commitment – use it for as long or as little as you’d like. 

Finally, we also offer HR software that’s a continuation of our HR advice service – an all-in-one solution designed for startups and small businesses: easy to use, affordable and with the core HR features you need to build engaged and high-performing teams. 

Automate your HR
Automate your HR with CharlieHR

Talk to our HR Advice team

At Charlie, HR support for small businesses means: 

A dedicated CIPD-trained advisor by your side via phone, email or live chat
Regular check-ins and unlimited support
A full company handbook 
Review and creation of your HR policies and employment contracts 
Assessment and improvement of onboarding processes 
Guarantee to stay compliant with an annual audit 
Benchmarking information for company policies to stay competitive in the job market 
DE&I health check and support 
Tailored small business advice to improve performance and engagement 

And some extras: 

Exclusive webinars for HR advice customers 
A monthly newsletter full of free guidance and insightful tips 
An HR advice library that includes free resources such as policies and templates 
Ben Wharfe, Chief People Officer at FiiT

“With HR Advice, it’s like having an extra member on your team. You have that kind of expertise you can lean on and tap into whenever you need it, without needing to hire someone in the business.”

Ben Wharfe, Chief People Officer @ FiiT

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