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"Every single person comes away and says ‘wow that’s a really slick onboarding experience, that was so easy to use’. You just send them an invite and boom, done."

Eliot Brooks - CEO - Thriva (12 team members)

"I recently estimated Charlie saved us £40,000 in the first year. Savings of labour hours, admin burden as well as replacing several other pieces of software for us."

Michelle - VP of People - Due Dil (73 team members)

"My team love using CharlieHR – it means no more spreadsheets and everything is centralised"

Raoul Tawadey – CEO & Founder - (15 team members)

Frequently asked questions

Do you have a free trial?

Yes! You can try CharlieHR for as long as you like provided you have less than 10 team members on the platform. Add people, get to know Charlie, and then invite the rest of your team to join when you’re ready.

Is Charlie GDPR compliant?

Yes – you can read all about our approach to data protection and the GDPR.

Is there support available?

Get your questions answered within 10 minutes over live chat or via email. We’re always on hand and keen to help! We have a dedicated account manager to help with product demos and training.