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Charlie's built for smaller companies

Mariella Thanner – Cyber Smart

15 team members

"As a small business, it's vital to make a great first impression with new hires as we grow the team. With Charlie we have an HR system we can grow with."

Eliot Brooks – Thriva

12 team members

"I can instantly find everything I need. All my team's information is up-to-date and safely stored. Essential if you're trying to move fast as a company."

Ben Porter – Back on Track

30 team members

"We were far too reliant on cumbersome and out-dated paper heavy systems. Now I couldn't imagine running a 30 person team without Charlie."

Ben Tyson – Born Social

45 team members

"As we scaled the company we found more and more HR admin. Charlie has helped us automate that and give the leadership team their time back."

Richard Hollingsworth – FYXER

52 team members

"Charlie has easily saved us £8,000 worth of the team's time in the first year. It's been that useful to us."

Jess Hayes – Wonderbly

90 team members

"We simplified our payroll, holiday and onboarding processes. It's cost effective, easy to implement, and very easy to use."

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Do you have a free trial?

Yes – a 14 day free trial. You have access to the whole product. No limitations. No credit card details required.

Is Charlie GDPR compliant?

Yes – you can read all about our approach to data protection and the GDPR.

Is there support available?

Get your questions answered within 10 minutes over our live chat. Free training and setup calls available with a dedicated account manager.