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One-to-one People support that delivers real impact

HR Advice is a bespoke support service that helps small companies and startups achieve their People goals.

Tap into industry-leading expertise by phone, email or live chat (and without making a full-time hire).

All from just £179 a month.

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Your HR advice teamYour HR advice team

Get fully compliant (and competitive)

Work with our advisors to upgrade your policies and contracts while creating a progressive company handbook that enables high-impact work.

  • Policies & contracts: instantly comply with the law

  • Company handbook: get all your docs in one place

  • Annual compliance review: stay up-to-date and protected

Everything in one placeEverything in one place

Craft a culture that unlocks performance

Tap into the industry expertise you need to build a truly fulfilling work environment, where your team always feels supported and engaged.

  • Progression framework: provide clarity on career development

  • Hybrid/remote work: adapt your company to new ways of working

  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: attract and hire the best talent

A tailored strategy
A tailored strategy

Be ready for any HR challenge

Get unlimited support with whatever HR challenge you're facing (all while levelling up your skills for the future).
Support helpline
Team performance
DE&I strategy
Talk via phone, email or chatTalk via phone, email or chat

Ready to get started?

We don’t do one-size-fits-all. Instead, we work with you to understand your specific HR challenges and long-term vision for your company’s culture.

Perhaps you want to put in place a career progression system, check your employee offering against industry benchmarks or maybe you just have an urgent HR query that you want to run by a professional.

Whatever is on your mind, the best way to get started is with a free discovery call.

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The Charlie sales team

A dedicated advisor in your corner

Our team has over 20 years’ experience in the HR space.
In that time, they’ve gained expertise in industries ranging from tech and e-commerce all the way to creative agencies and the charity sector.
More importantly, they understand the challenges your business is facing. They’re the same challenges we face ourselves as we scale, and our advisors are co-architects of the culture we’re building at Charlie.
Luula Abdulkadir

Luula Abdulkadir

HR Advisor

CIPD Level 7

Alisa Mistry

Alisa Mistry

HR Advisor

CIPD Level 7

Bethan Davies

Bethan Davies

HR Advisor

Iwan Williams

Iwan Williams

HR Coordinator

Ben Wharfe

“With HR Advice, it’s like having an extra member on your team. You have that kind of expertise you can lean on whenever you need it, without needing to hire someone into the business.”

Ben Wharfe, Chief People Officer at Fiit

HR Advice FAQs

Who is HR Advice for?


HR Advice is for anyone running the HR/People side of a small company or startup.

They could be handling that responsibility alongside another role (like CEOs or Finance Managers) or it could be more like their full-time job (like COOs, HR teams or Operations teams).

What kind of companies use HR Advice?


The companies that use HR Advice are usually between 5-50 employees and work in tech, SaaS or creative sectors, but many others work in e-commerce, recruitment or other professional services.

How much does HR Advice cost?


For companies smaller than 10 team members, HR Advice costs £179 + VAT per month.

For teams bigger than that, it’s £299 + VAT.

Am I tied into a long-term contract?


Nope. You can cancel your HR Advice plan anytime you like – just give us 60 days’ notice.

Is support actually unlimited?


Yes, it really is unlimited. You can get in touch with your advisor as often as you need to – by either email, live chat or phone.

Are the HR Advice team qualified as employment lawyers?


Our advisors aren’t employment lawyers, but they are CIPD-qualified HR experts. We also have a partnership with a law firm called Keystone Legal who can step in if you need specialist advice.

Do you give advice on topics related to freelancers/non-permanent employees?


Unfortunately not. Our team only provide advice on permanently employed team members.