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The top five performance management software solutions

The right piece of software can take your company's performance management to the next level by streamlining performance reviews and feedback. But there are dozens of options out there. We've selected the best five so you can work out which one is right for you and your company.

Researching other products in the HR space is a really key part of my job as product manager at CharlieHR. It’s super important for us to know what other companies do, what they don’t do, and what their users think of the products they create.

What this means is that I end up learning a huge amount about other companies in this sector – so we thought we’d pass that knowledge on. Here’s a comparison of the best performance management software we found while doing research for one of our newest features, Reviews.


Lattice have really embraced the trend in performance management towards continuous feedback instead of annual appraisals, building a product focused on regular, frictionless dialogue. It’s probably the most comprehensive and refined product on this list. The feedback we heard from users of Lattice was consistently positive.

Starting at $9 (~£7) per user per month, it comes at a reasonable price tag and seems to work well for pretty much any size of company.


Yes, we know, it’s cheating to put yourself on your own “Top 5” list. Then again, we’re proud of our product, so why not?

Charlie contains a performance management system designed specifically for small businesses. We focused on producing a streamlined, formalised experience that allows you to track the development, performance and progress of your employees in a way that stays consistent across your business.

However, Charlie is much more than just a performance management system – it’s designed to cover all the HR needs of a small business, from on-boarding, managing time off or offering perks to your employees. And even with all those features, it’s still one of the cheapest on this list, clocking in at just £4 per employee per month.

Small Improvements

This one’s supremely popular – it was by far the most commonly mentioned platform during our research. It’s not as comprehensive as Lattice, but nor is it as expensive, coming in at only $7 (~£5) per user per month. Aesthetically, it’s a real treat: the interface looks and feels great.

However: one word of warning: there’s a bit of a learning curve to getting really acquainted to the product, for both managers and team members. So make sure you properly commit to teaching everyone in your business about the ins and outs of the software if you’re going to go down this route.


15Five claims to be “inspired by research in positive psychology”. That might sound a bit vague, but they’re clearly doing something right. We heard loads of positive things about their software, particularly noting its ability to distribute quick and easy forms to generate regular, reliable insight on how your employees are doing.

15Five puts a strong focus on boosting morale, with various ways for employees to publicly give each other positive feedback. If you’re really focusing on building a top-tier workplace culture, this looks to be the best route to go. It’s also on the cheaper end of the offerings in this list, at $7 (~£5) per user per month.


Appraisd doesn’t have as many bells and whistles as some of the other examples of performance management software on this list, but that might actually be in its favour. Not every business needs a whole suite of performance and culture management tools – sometimes you just want a slick piece of software that cleans up one part of the process. Appraisd does exactly that for performance reviews.

If you’re just looking for a cheap, effective piece of software to manage all of your reviews, Appraisd might just be perfect for you.

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