Time Off

Time off

A time-off process that runs itself

Set up a painless time off system that just works – no more distractions, no maintenance required.

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Charlie calendar

Stop wasting time on admin

No more being the bottleneck. Now, holiday requests go straight to the right people and the company calendar updates automatically.

  • Delegate approval: let managers handle requests

  • Public holidays: automatically synced to calendar

  • Custom leave types: tailor Charlie to fit your company

Automated time off requestsAutomated time off requests

Fewer pointless questions. Less time repeating yourself

Gives your team the full picture – who’s off work, and how long for
Time off calendarTime off calendar
Show your team what’s on the horizon
View of upcoming time offView of upcoming time off
Start your day with everyone in the loop
Slack integrationSlack integration

Understand crucial trends and easily report on them

Turn your data into good decisions. Choose from our ready-made reports or design the ones you need.

  • Annual leave reports: stay up to date with holiday use

  • Absence tracking: keep an eye on sick leave

  • Smart notifications: flags if someone needs a break

Time off reporting
Time off reporting

Automatic calculations for total peace of mind

No more finger-counting. Charlie does tricky time off calculations for you, no supervision required.

  • Holiday rollover: handled automatically

  • New starter leave allowance: calculated for you

  • Part-time workers: holiday allowance prorated instantly

Automated offboardingAutomated offboarding
Blank browser

Visualise your data, understand your team

Understand at a glance:

  • How much holiday different people have taken

  • Who’s needed more sick days than normal

  • Who looks like they could need a break

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Create and export reports in a single click. Choose from ready-made templates or design your own with our custom builder – either way, Charlie helps you turn data into good decisions.

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With Charlie, difficult and time-consuming calculations happen in the background, with no supervision required.

Set it up once, then forget it – Charlie provides clear, simple, accurate records that you can absolutely trust.

  • Calculate leave entitlement for new starters

  • Pro rate calculations done for you

  • Holiday rollover happens automatically

Blank browser

Charlie sweats the details, so you don’t have to

Make your HR effortless

James Gill

"With Charlie’s Calendar, I know I've got one place to check what’s going on in the team — who's going to be away, when and for how long. It has a real impact on the work we commit to as a company week by week"

James Gill, CEO of GoSquared

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