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Startup founder, ops manager, head of people? Our HR software for small businesses has got you covered: save time on repetitive admin tasks, streamline your processes and do it right the first time. 

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Have meaningful performance reviewsHave meaningful performance reviews
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3 simple steps towards better growth and performance

Use our performance management software to create a simple and easy-to-navigate review process that’s as effective - and painless - as possible.

  • Team members answer the performance review questions through the platform

  • Their self-assessment is forwarded to their manager, who replies with their feedback

  • Once both the manager and team member have submitted their responses, CharlieHR helps schedule a review conversation 

Performance review processPerformance review process

Employee appraisals sorted in no time 

Employee performance reviews can take a lot of your time, but Charlie can save you some. Our performance management software helps you create and schedule performance reviews in a breeze. 

No need for you to spend a whole day setting up the process and coming up with questions – just automate all of it for peace of mind.

With our simple review builder, you can use pre-designed and customisable appraisal templates to help you get straight to the heart of your performance reviews and ask impactful questions to your team. 

Choose from best-practice templates
Choose from best-practice templates

Regular feedback for meaningful reviews 

Our automated review scheduling tool allows you to never miss an occasion to give feedback to your team. 

With Charlie, you can share and request feedback at any point – spots problems before they arise, and highlight outstand performance in a timely manner without having to wait for your yearly review.

Your team also gets notified when a feedback form is due so they never miss it and submit it on time. 

Encourage managers to share and request feedbackEncourage managers to share and request feedback

Performance reviews: more than a one-on-one conversation

Performance is not just about one team member, but about how they contribute to the team’s success. 

To make sure this is taken into account, a manager’s feedback won’t be enough during an employee appraisal. 

We created our 360 feedback tool with just that in mind: select the coworkers you have in mind and let them complete their assessment so you can fairly assess your team members. 

Gather 360 feedback
Gather 360 feedback

Finger on the pulse, but no micro-management

Make it easy and straightforward to oversee all of your team’s performance reviews through our dashboard

You can also keep a record of all the past evaluations – simply leaf through it when needed and allow your team to reflect on what’s been done in the past. 

Check on review progressCheck on review progress

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“No one wins when I am spending hours on admin tasks every week. With Charlie, I get more time back in my day to focus on what I love — working closely with the team to help them grow.”  

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Performance review software FAQs

Who needs performance management software?


Every business needs performance management software if they want to keep their team engaged and growing. 

But what does that mean exactly? Whether you’re a manager, a founder, a CEO, operations manager or else, you know performance reviews are crucial. 

However, what you may not know is how performance management software might help you streamline the process – this is exactly what we aim to do here at Charlie.

How do you create an effective performance review system?


When you sit down to create your company’s performance review system, start by defining the frequency of your organisation’s performance review cycle. Should it be monthly, quarterly, or yearly?

Then, find a review template that aligns with your company’s core values and mission statement. Finally, just set the system in motion.

CharlieHR's performance appraisal software streamlines and automatically kicks off the appraisal process, sending out questions and reminders to both managers and the people on your team. As part of this workflow, managers give feedback, then conversations and check-ins are scheduled, and a company culture of communication, employee engagement, collaboration, and honest, constructive feedback is established. 

The system takes care of sending notifications to the relevant people, so the performance review process runs as smoothly as possible.

How do you choose a performance management software?


Picking a performance management software can be difficult when you’re not sure whether it’s going to be too much too soon. 

As a small business, for example, it’s better to start small and implement the process slowly but surely – what you want to look for is a tool that allows you to streamline your review process, save time and is easy to use. 

Make sure they have access to the right platform that can make life easier both for you and them. 

Learn more about some of the best performance management software on the market in our guide.

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