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Make sure your company is legally compliant and get HR off your plate for good.

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You can't afford manual HR anymore

Your budget won't
cover it...

You're one of the most highly-paid people in the company. Your time is too expensive to spend on no-impact admin.

Every hour you spend trawling through subfolders, losing stuff, wondering where you saved a new starter's contract is money leaking out the company budget.

Setting fire to your money
Setting fire to your money

...and your diary can't handle it

Meetings, calls, emails, more meetings. We get it – sometimes you're so distracted by running the business, you can barely think about growing it.

But your team needs you focussed on what's really important – not managing their time off requests.

Your calendar is chock a blockYour calendar is chock a block

Spend more time growing your business
(less time running it)

Stop wasting time on manual holiday admin

Set up a painless time off system that just works. No manual upkeep, no distractions, no more being the bottleneck.

  • Shared company calendar that's always up to date.

  • Approve or deny holiday requests in just one click

  • Set up requests to go straight to the right people (so you get fewer pointless questions and spend less time repeating yourself)

Handling time off in charlie
Handling time off in charlie

Never ask '"where's that doc?" again

Collect and store your people data, policies, handbook and more – and create the one, go-to place that keeps your whole business running smoothly.

  • Find all the info you're looking for, quickly and easily

  • No more back and forth – give your team quick, centralised access to the company docs they need

  • Manage which role gets access to which type of document


Full compliance.
Zero faff.

Charlie keeps your company compliant for you, so you can focus on what you do best.

  • Protect your employee info with gold-standard data security – Charlie is GDPR-compliant and ISO 27001 certified

  • Essential HR info is collected from new hires automatically, so you know your records are always up-to-date

  • Privacy secure – make sure only the right people have access to sensitive info

Handling team data in charlie
Handling team data in charlie

Get back to the work that really matters

Before Charlie


Wasting time dealing with every time off request yourself


Tired of never being able to find employee info or company docs


Too distracted to focus your own work


Worrying when legal compliance is finally going to catch you out

After Charlie


Focusing your time on strategy, growth and what really matters to the business


In control of your employee data and can easily find all the info you need


Clear-minded and focussed on the task at hand


Confident that your company is legally water-tight

Founder-friendly pricing.

No hidden fees. No contract. Cancel anytime.

Trusted by some of the UK's most exciting small companies...

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James Gill

“Every time I recommend CharlieHR to a fellow startup founder I insist that it’s never too soon. It just saves you so much time and energy.”

James Gill, GoSquared