The easiest way to onboard new employees

Welcome new employees with a customised onboarding flow (and get rid of hiring admin for good).

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Save yourself hours of admin with every hire

Cut down on your workload with an automated onboarding platform. With Charlie, you can onboard new employees in seconds, not hours.

  • One-click onboarding: employees submit own details

  • Self-service system: no need to supervise

  • Legally-compliant hiring: for total peace of mind

Create a great onboarding experience for your new hiresCreate a great onboarding experience for your new hires

Integrations for a seamless hiring workflow

No more copy-and-pasting between platforms. From ATS, to onboarding, to payroll – Charlie integrates with your HR tools to banish hiring admin for good.

  • Streamlined workflow: saves you hours every week

  • Joined-up pipeline: for a seamless employee experience

  • Synced databases: stop micro-managing your records

Charlie HR app integrations
Charlie HR app integrations

Give new employees a warm welcome

Build a customised onboarding flow that gets new hires excited for their first day. Set it up once, then let Charlie take care of every new employee.
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Visualise your data, understand your team

Understand at a glance:

  • How much holiday different people have taken

  • Who’s needed more sick days than normal

  • Who looks like they could need a break

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Create and export reports in a single click. Choose from ready-made templates or design your own with our custom builder – either way, Charlie helps you turn data into good decisions.

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With Charlie, difficult and time-consuming calculations happen in the background, with no supervision required.

Set it up once, then forget it – Charlie provides clear, simple, accurate records that you can absolutely trust.

  • Calculate leave entitlement for new starters

  • Pro rate calculations done for you

  • Holiday rollover happens automatically

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Charlie sweats the details, so you don’t have to

Make your HR effortless

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"Every single person comes away and says 'wow, that's a really slick onboarding tool, that was so easy to use'."

Elliot Brooks, Thriva

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