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The perks & benefits system your team will simply love

Plug into industry-leading perks & benefits and level up your offering (without levelling up your budget).

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Amazing perks for your team

Attract and retain the best talent

Take your employee experience to the next level and build a team that stays for the long haul.

  • Quick and easy set-up: roll out Perks in seconds

  • Elevate your employer brand: impress candidates early

  • Seamless UX: all your team’s rewards in one place

Level the playing fieldLevel the playing field

Let your team choose the rewards that matter to them

Over 30,000 deals and discounts means that every team member feels valued.

Get world-class perks (without the price tag)

Treating your team well shouldn't cost the earth – that’s why we’ve included Perks at no extra cost.

  • No hidden fees: free with your Charlie subscription

  • Best-in-class offering: over 30,000 deals and discounts

  • Industry-standard: same offering as Google and Tesla

The only HR software with perks built in!
The only HR software with perks built in!
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Visualise your data, understand your team

Understand at a glance:

  • How much holiday different people have taken

  • Who’s needed more sick days than normal

  • Who looks like they could need a break

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Create and export reports in a single click. Choose from ready-made templates or design your own with our custom builder – either way, Charlie helps you turn data into good decisions.

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With Charlie, difficult and time-consuming calculations happen in the background, with no supervision required.

Set it up once, then forget it – Charlie provides clear, simple, accurate records that you can absolutely trust.

  • Calculate leave entitlement for new starters

  • Pro rate calculations done for you

  • Holiday rollover happens automatically

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Charlie sweats the details, so you don’t have to

Make your HR effortless

Jonathon Lindon

β€œWe were struggling to come up with benefits that everyone in our team would truly appreciate. Charlie’s Perks does exactly that and our team is really happy with it.”

Jonathan Lindon, co-founder @ Talent Heroes

Save time on HR admin and build an engaged, high-performing team

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