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Thoughts and updates from the Team at Charlie

Spring Clean Your Business

It's time for a fresh start, spring has finally arrived for 2017! Here are 8 easy ways to spruce up your team and office.

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How "on brand" are your meetings?

Is this a question you've ever asked of your company? If not, you need to.

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Instantly Improve Your Content Marketing

Smokin' hot tips from our Communications Manager.

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Meet Ye Myat Min, Founder of NEX

Startup connections from London to Myanmar.

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How To Prepare For Your First Ever Employee

So, you’ve finally taken the plunge and realised that you can’t do everything yourself: the time has come to take on your first employee!

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Create A Company Culture, Not A Terrifying Cult

Enough is enough. Follow these tips to safeguard yourself, and your team, from drinking the Kool-Aid.

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5 Ways Your Team Can Have Better Ideas

These five key strategies will help you cultivate and gather the collective wisdom of your company.

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