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Everything your small company needs to do great HR.

Onboarding new hires

One-click onboarding

Cut out the faff and let new employees submit their own details.

Self-service system

No need to supervise new starters.


Total peace of mind.

Streamlined workflow

Cut out the manual onboarding admin and save yourself hours every week.

Joined-up pipeline

Integrate with your current ATS for a seamless employee experience.

Synced databases

Stop micro-managing your records. Have everything in one place.

Create checklists

Delegate the right onboarding tasks to the right people.

Onboarding flow

Build a customised flow that gets new hires excited for their first day.



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Managing time off

Delegate approval

Let managers handle incoming requests.

Public holidays

Automatically synced to calendar.

Custom leave types

Tailor Charlie to fit your company.

Full company calendar

Gives your team the full picture – who’s off work, and how long for.

Calendar filters

Filter your calendar by team to see only what you need to.

Calendar integrations

Sync your time off with Outlook, Google or iCal.

Seven day view

Get a snapshot of the next week straight from your dashboard.

Slack integration

Start the day with your whole team on the same page.

Annual leave reports

Stay up to date with holiday use.

Absence tracking

Keep an eye on sick leave.

Smart notifications

Flags if someone needs a break.

Holiday rollover

Handled automatically. Set it and forget it.

New starter leave allowance

Calculated for you automatically.

Part-time workers

Holiday allowance prorated instantly.

Time off

Time off

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Performance management

Simple review-builder

Create and launch in seconds.

Automated launch

Easily roll out recurring reviews.

Built-in templates

Probation, exit interview and more.

Three-step process

Get both sides to write feedback to encourage meaningful conversations.

Review cycle dashboard

Oversee everything from a single view.

Track progress

Easily check on review status and spot hold-ups.

Automatic email reminders

Make sure reviews get done (without having to chase).

3600 feedback

Unlock a fairer, more complete understanding of individual performance.

Review archive

Avoid recency bias by having previous reviews readily available.


Give kudos to those who go above and beyond.  

Performance reviews


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Perks and benefits

Quick and easy set-up

Roll out Perks to your team in seconds.

Seamless UX

All your team’s rewards in one place.

No hidden fees

Free with your Charlie subscription.

Best-in-class offering

Over 30,000 deals and discounts

Exclusive savings & discounts

All the brands your team know and love.


Build up loyalty points to unlock even more savings.



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Streamlined processes

Combine the rest of your tech stack with over 50 integrations.

Payroll support

Integrations with both Xero and Pento.

Applicant tracking support

Merge with your existing ATS, including Workable.

Timesheets support

Unite Charlie with Papershift for easy rota planning.



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Headcount insights

Instantly see stats such as retention rate, turnover rate and average tenure length.

Time off reports

Monitor average sick days per person, holiday usage, working from home and more.

Standardised templates

Get started with 15 built-in report template types.

Custom reports

Build custom reports to get exactly the insights you need.

 Charlie Plus

Bespoke account set-up & configuration

Get Charlie set up for you and your team by those who know the platform best.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion reporting

Unlock a detailed picture of your team's diversity and understand how to act on the results.

Priority support response

Jump to the head of the queue with first response to all your queries during business hours.

Dedicated support contact

Your Customer Success Manager will be on hand to help with any of your Charlie needs.

Software training

We'll help make sure your whole team has the tools and knowledge to nail using the app.

HR Help Desk

Get live support with simple HR issues.

HR templates & guides

Keep your processes and policies slick and compliant.

Access to HR training clinics

Get expert advice on HR practices.

Charlie PlusCharlie PLus

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 Charlie Plus

Streamlined recruitment tasks

Eliminate the manual work with automations that handle the tedious tasks for you.

Smart interview scheduling

Automate interview scheduling with a system that syncs seamlessly with your calendar.

Signed contracts and documents

Manage offer letters and contracts in Recruit with eSignature capabilities.

Seamless integrations

From posting roles to a range of job boards to creating a Charlie account for your new hires.

Blind hiring features

Ensure your screening decisions are based on your candidates’ skills and competencies, minimising bias

Weighted scorecards

Standardise your evaluation processes and allow you to objectively find the right fit for your organisation.

Best-fit analysis

Help identify the most suitable applicants for your role efficiently.

Reporting and Insights

Access detailed reports to analyse the effectiveness of your hiring processes.

Personalised communications

Automate emails and create your own personalised templates.

Notifications centre

Stay on top of candidate communications with the in-platform notifications centre, as well as Slack integration.

Customisable careers site

Easily create and manage your own branded careers site to attract top talent for your open roles.

Charlie RcruitCharlie Recruit

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Charlie Advice

Support helpline

Your experienced advisor can support you through any HR issue via phone, email or live chat.

Policies & contracts

Get the company policies and documentation you need to comply with the law.

Company handbook

Get all your company docs in one, easy-to-access place.

Annual compliance review

Stay up-to-date and protected.

Progression framework

Give your team clarity on their professional development.

Hybrid/remote work

Adapt your company to new ways of working.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

We can help you create a truly inclusive environment.

HR Advice iconCharlie Advice

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