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Startup founder, ops manager, head of people? Our HR software for small businesses has got you covered: save time on repetitive admin tasks, streamline your processes and do it right the first time. 

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Whether you’re a founder or an office manager (sometimes with little to no HR experience), HR admin is part of your day-to-day when you work for a small business.

There’s no point denying that reality, but the good news is there are plenty of ways to save time, remove human error from processes and manage your team efficiently. With Charlie, no need for copy-pasting jobs and repetitive tasks – our software does it all:

  • Self-serve onboarding – your team members onboard through an easy and engaging workflow with no help 

  • Automated time off – your spreadsheets and email chains can be deleted: simply handle sick days, holidays and customised leave on Charlie

  • Centralised employee records – you store and easily retrieve all of your employee's information, including passport details, bank details and P45

CEOs & ops managersCEOs & ops managers

Set it up in seconds, never look back

It doesn’t matter who you are and how you ended up in charge of HR – getting HR software should be an easy decision, so we made it completely hassle-free for small businesses like yours: 

  • Launch it in seconds

  • Invite your team

  • Import your existing data securely 

  • Start using it straight away 

Charlie's software makes it easy for startups to get started
Charlie's software makes it easy for startups to get started

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Save time on HR admin and build an engaged, high-performing team

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See how charlie can help you...

CEO / Startup Founder / Managing Director

I want to save time on HR admin and get all my team's data in one place, so I can focus on my actual job.

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Operations Manager / Office Manager

I want to professionalise our HR processes, then roll out things like performance reviews to help make my company a better place to work.

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HR Professional / Head of People

I want a secure place for employee data where I can easily spot crucial insights, so I can execute my People strategy and report on the results.

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Trusted by some of the UK's most exciting small companies...

Patch plants
Bloom & Wild
Ally Fekaiki

“The success of any company depends on the team that runs it. Charlie doesn’t just save me time – it gives me the headspace I need to support my team and help them to perform at their best.”

Ally Fekaiki, founder of Juno


Why do small businesses need HR software?


HR for startups and people taking of it are likely to wear multiple hats at the same time. Human Resources is just one of the many areas they juggle, and one that they don’t have the capacity to truly focus on.

That’s why many small businesses use HR software (also called HRMS and HRIS): so they can automate time-consuming tasks and streamline their processes.

HR software allows them to save hours of precious time every week to focus on other areas of the business.

On top of saving time, HR software helps you build effective HR processes like time off management, onboarding and performance reviews — you’ll soon find yourself with a smooth HR machine that works like clockwork, with minimal effort required from your part.

A final reason why small businesses need HR software is to improve retention rates. Efficient HR workflows and a modern employee self-service platform do have an impact on your team’s day-to-day working experience, reducing the risk of them leaving.

Which HR software should I choose?


With the amount of different HR systems available, it can be hard to pick the right one for your business.

Start by asking yourself:

  • Which HR processes am I looking to automate?

  • What are my must-have features, and what could I do without?

  • How much time am I willing to spend setting up the platform and training my team to use an HR system?

  • What is my budget?

  • What HR system best meets the legal requirements of the country I’m based in?

If you are a small business or startup with less than 150 employees, you’ll want to opt for an HR software solution that covers core HR processes like annual leave management, onboarding and performance reviews. 

You also need an HR solution that’s affordable and easy to use for your team — you don’t want your employees to have to go through a long training process to then find themselves with a convoluted set of features they will never use. 

If your business is primarily UK based, you will also need to look for an HR management software that meets UK employment law requirements

We built Charlie with all these needs in mind, to be the best HR software for small UK businesses like you:

  • ✅ Automate all key HR processes for small businesses

  • ✅ Comes with plenty of integrations with your other tech stack (Workable, Pento, etc.)

  • ✅ Affordable and scalable from as little as £5 per month (all features included and no set up fee)

  • ✅ Intuitive and super easy to launch: use it within seconds

  • ✅ Built for UK small companies and startups

What kind of HR software does Charlie offer?


CharlieHR software is an all-in-one platform with an easy setup and a user-friendly interface that requires no training.

Our software allows you to automate most of your HR processes:

  • Securely store employee data and documents all in one place

  • Get rid of spreadsheets with an efficient time off management system

  • Set up new hires for success with a tailored onboarding flow

  • Run automated performance management reviews to support your team’s development (without drowning in admin)

  • Get the right insights to help you make your decisions with engagement surveys

  • Set clear guidelines for your team with a built-in employee handbook

  • Offer generous employee perks with discounts at more than 30,000 brands (for no added fee)

What company size is CharlieHR best for?


CharlieHR has been designed with SMEs and startups in mind. It’s a great fit if you’re currently running a business that’s under 200 employees!

What is the average price for HR software for small businesses in the UK?


All software companies operate with different pricing depending on their services, so it’s difficult to quote an average price for HR software for small businesses in the UK.

Some companies don’t have transparent pricing: they’ll just give out quotes on a case-by-case basis. It’s important to note that most HR platforms will ask you for a set up fee (we don’t 😉).

At CharlieHR, we have simple pricing: from as little as £5 per month regardless of the size of your company.

Our pricing includes all of our features with no hidden fee. The software setup is done in no time and doesn’t require any assistance or training.

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