HR reports: data to understand your company

Generate a range of different types of HR reports quickly and easily.

Use data to understand your company

Human resources reporting

You don’t start using HR software because you want to run your business less intelligently. Charlie’s reporting function helps you pull the data you need for internal presentations and annual reviews in less time than it takes to make a coffee.

Useful templates for standard HR reports

Five preset tables immediately give you specific overviews of standard HR reports for payroll and time off, as well as an option to export all of your company data in one document.

Learn more about storing your employee database in Charlie’s people system.

Fully customised human resource reports

Endless options for creating custom reports (available in HR+) mean that you can create the exact report that you’re looking for with no extra fuss.

You can assemble all of the data points on your team into a variety of different types of HR reports easily and quickly, chose the column ordering, and then filter the data to drill deeper.

Learn more about premium planning and reporting features in CharlieHR+.

Storing, accessing, and exporting your data

Generate and store HR reports

Because Charlie is cloud HR software, all of your reports are stored online, so you can access them whenever and wherever you need. Plus, Charlie keeps track of all the reports you’ve previously exported, so you can easily download them again and again.

Ultra-quick downloads

It only takes a second to export your valuable company data ready for turning into tables, diagrams and presentations.