Powerful HR reporting software

All the information you need to stay on top of what's happening across your company.

Team Leads can easily approve time off.

Team Leads approve time off.

Clear visibility

Never get caught off guard by time off

See upcoming time off, plan ahead. Clearly see how much time off & sick days the team have taken this year.

Charlie stores all your information in one easy to access platform.

Don't hate dealing with your HR system.

Useful templates

Every report you need, already built for you

New joiners, sick leave reports, salary overviews. All available with a click of a button.


Before their first day

Due: Mon 03 June 2019

Set up Gmail account


Order a new laptop

Invite to all company meetings

Introduce their buddy


A world-class welcome for new joiners.


Never forget another important date

Automatically get reminded about probation periods, performance reviews, birthdays, and work anniversaries.

Companies love CharlieHR

“It is now clear to see everything that's happening, who's off, who's working from home: it's all in one place.”

Ged Scheuber – COO

Rotageek – 27 team members

“I prepare several reports at the end of the month. Previously I had to spend time making the report in a spreadsheet. In Charlie it's a click of a few buttons and I can have the report that I need”

Michelle Davies – VP of People

DueDil – 80 team members