The ultimate time off manager

Manage time off requests without sending a single email.

Organise time off from one central, easy to use HR system

Set holiday allowances

Create a standard company time off allowance, which can then be altered for each individual team member. Easily adjust everyone’s settings from one central location.

Decide who approves requests

Allow team leaders to approve holiday requests for their own team, direct everything to an administrator or HR manager, or even make the whole process automatic.

Stay up to date

Slack and calendar integrations give you a clear overview of who’s in and out of the office. Keep everyone everyone effortlessly informed, so you can stay focused on the task at hand. Upgrade to CharlieHR+ for premium customisable integrations.

Learn more about how to make the HR planning process easier with increased visibility of the team’s time off.

A leave management system to fit your company

Organise and track different types of leave

With Charlie’s leave tracker you can record parental leave (maternity or paternity) and compassionate leave alongside holiday time and sick leave. Upgrade to CharlieHR+ and you can even create and set your own custom leave types.

Learn more about how custom leave tracking can help you tailor your HR planning process.

Bank holiday and national holidays

Charlie comes pre-programmed with thousands of public holidays, national holidays, and bank holidays for more than 70 different countries. Choose whether or not they’re included in your team’s overall time off allowance.

Specify your working week

Set a company standard working week, to ensure your leave tracker is calculating correctly for your team. With CharlieHR+ you can select the exact days that each employee works, so that part-time leave allowances can be correctly deducted when they make a time off request.

A simple time off manager for employees to use

Easy time off requests

Requesting leave is no longer a chore or time-drain; it’s as easy as booking a holiday. Each team member can request leave from their very own profile, and receives a response by email.

Complete transparency

With a leave management system each team member has access to their own time off stats. They’re able to easily see how many holiday days they’ve used and how many they have remaining. No more disputes over holiday allowances! Everything is transparent and easy to see.

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