The ultra-secure, cloud-based people system

Securely store everything you need in order to look after your team.

Comprehensive employee records

Collect the right personal information and keep it up to date

Stop worrying about whether the information you have on file is correct – let Charlie take care of it for you.

Everyone on your team has an individual profile page, where they can easily identify the personal information that must be kept up to date with their employer. When they join Charlie, each team member goes through a slick, self-service prompt to supply their address, bank details, contact details, and emergency contact details.

Need a phone number or an email address? No more hunting through decentralised address books or missed calls. Get in touch without wasting time.

Because Charlie is a cloud HR software, you can access it anywhere. If you need to change any of your personal information, simply log in and update your profile. Whenever these details change, we’ll take care of notifying anyone at your company who needs to know about it.

Quickly import your existing employee database

When you switch to Charlie, it’s easy to set up. Whether you’ve been making do with spreadsheets, or are switching from a different people system, you can import your existing employee database as a CSV file (Comma-Separated Value).

In one click you can pre-populate each team member’s profile with their current employee record: full names, full contact details, job role description, team, start date, nationality, date of birth, legal gender, next of kin emergency contact details, payroll and bank account details.

An HR database with everything in one place

Keep track of all your personnel and Human Resources management (HRM) data

No more losing information in spreadsheets. Just go to Charlie instead of spending hours tracking down elusive files and piecing together information from various systems.

Team member profiles store everything you need for staffing, compensation, and administration – all in one place. Charlie is your helpful assistant, taking care of everything you need to hire, pay, and grow your team.

Store evidence of right to work documents and HMRC new starter tax forms

Charlie makes it easy to collect and store documents proving an employee’s right to work – and takes the hassle out of collecting and generating all HMRC-related employee pay-as-you-earn (PAYE) tax forms.

All new starters are prompted to supply a copy of their passport scan, and optionally their visa and P45 form (the UK tax form issued by their previous employer).

For those new employees without a P45, there’s a quick and simple new starter checklist to fill out, which creates a copy of the corresponding HMRC new starter form (previously called a P46 form). The whole process is completely self-service, freeing up more of your valuable time.


More than just a staff database

Team Directory: an instant-access overview of your people

As businesses grow, it becomes increasingly difficult to get everyone in one place. Whether Sharon is out of office, Bill is on holiday or Chris is taking a very long lunch, our Team Directory is the one place where you can be sure to find everyone’s details whenever you need them.

Visual cards, featuring everyone’s pictures and job titles, can be arranged to reflect the structure of your company. It’s the perfect way to help new hires to put names to faces.

Employee attendance record

Charlie’s people system automatically keeps track of the time your team takes off for holiday, sick leave, parental (maternity or paternity) leave, or compassionate leave.

Every team member’s profile shows you the highlights of their attendance record, and a handy history of all the time off they’ve ever taken.

Learn more about Charlie’s time off manager.

Staff training record

You can create and store documents for anything in each person’s profile: it’s a perfect place to keep a record of any training they’ve received, qualifications they’ve unlocked, or courses they’ve attended.

Learn more about the HR documents you can store in Charlie.

The people system for sensitive HR data

Privacy, permissions and security

Every employee has the right to privacy at work, and data protection in the workplace is a hot topic – especially as the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation comes into force in May 2018.

Set the appropriate permissions for each of your team members, to determine what information is available to them. By this you’re ensuring that confidentiality is maintained, where appropriate, for individual users within your company.

CharlieHR is secure by design: we follow the 8 principles of the Data Protection Act (1998), and we’re prepared for the GDPR. We have a designated Data Protection Officer, and accountability and privacy are principles that are designed into both our people system software and our policies.

Learn more about our security principles and our secure methods for storing HR data.

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