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Manage time off requests

Online time off requests

Team members login to make time off requests

One click approval

Team leaders approve time off in their inbox

Time off approvers

Delegate team leaders to approve their own team's time off

Calendar integrations

Approved holiday added to Google or Outlook calendars

Sickness & absences

Book sick days and monitor sick leave

Time off adjustments

Add / deduct annual leave for each team member

Time off overview

Monitor how much annual leave has been taken

Time off visiblity

See who is not in the office any given day, week or month

Overlaps warning

See clashes with other team members and important dates before approval

Individual summary

Each team member can see how much annual leave they've taken and when they've used it

Manage company time off policies

Custom leave types

Add in types of time off specific to your company (e.g training, conferences)

Work from home

Give your team an option to request working from home

Company holidays

Give the whole team time off on certain dates

Restricted dates

Restrict annual leave on certain dates

Public holidays

National holidays for over 25 countries built in

Working weeks

Set different working days for each team member

Collect and store employee records

Team member profiles

Each employee has their own section for their data

Individual access

Each employee can access and update their own information

Unlimited document storage

Store personal documentation for each employee

Customise profiles

Add anything you want to track on team member profiles

Missing data alerts

See what information is missing for your team

Automatic reminders

Send out prompts for your team to fill in missing information

Structure your company

Team leaders

Give team leaders oversight on their team

Company leaders

Give administrators control over the whole account

Create teams

Organise your company into teams

Create offices

Setup multiple offices, including any offices abroad

Company profile

Store company information (registered company address, VAT number, etc)


Add your accountant for access to payroll information

Onboard and offboard employees

Collect employee details

New hires input their personal information before they start work

Legal documentation upload

Collect passport copies and HMRC New Starter Forms

HR compliance

Ensure you have stored all legally required records

Onboarding templates

A consistent experience for each new hire.


Assign tasks to line managers, set deadlines with automatic reminders

Onboarding slides

Create a small presentation to introduce the new hire to your company

Offboard employees

Set notice periods, date of departure and reasons for leaving

Archive employee records

Store past employees data for as long as you need it

Automatic notifications

Daily updates

9am update detailing who is away from the office that day

Weekly digest

A personalised email Monday morning on what's happening that week

Birthday reminders

An email 7 days and 1 day in advance of all birthdays

Work anniversary reminders

An email 7 days and 1 day in advance of all work anniversaries

Custom reminders

Create reminders for key dates at your business (probations, performance reviews, etc).

Slack integration

Recieve all notifications in Slack


Time off reports

Overview of annual leaves allowances, time off taken and amounts remaining

Absence reports

Track sick leave and spot trends

Payroll report

Detailing all the payroll data across the company

Custom reports

Build a report with any of the data in your account

GDPR team member export

Export all the data for an indvidual team member

Report library

Common HR reports pre-built, ready for export

Charlie integrates with your favourite tools

"Every single person comes away and says ‘wow that’s a really slick onboarding experience, that was so easy to use’. You just send them an invite and boom, done."

Eliot Brooks - CEO - Thriva (12 team members)

"I recently estimated Charlie saved us £40,000 in the first year. Savings of labour hours, admin burden as well as replacing several other pieces of software for us."

Michelle - VP of People - Due Dil (73 team members)

"My team love using CharlieHR – it means no more spreadsheets and everything is centralised"

Raoul Tawadey – CEO & Founder - (15 team members)