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Why small businesses need HR support

When it comes to HR, it is hard to know where to start — especially if you’re a small business owner or startup founder.

•With the limited resources you have, you can’t afford to hire an in-house HR team.

•And with no HR background or knowledge of employment law, it will be difficult and time-consuming for you to manage your business’ HR in a way that’s effective and compliant.

That’s why small businesses often choose to outsource HR support — to ensure their company is protected and to put solid HR foundations in place to take care of their growing team.

Charlie’s HR Advice service was created with small businesses in mind:

Get on-demand HR support from your dedicated CIPD-qualified advisor...
No need to make a full-time HR hire

… for a price you can actually afford.
Unlimited HR support for only £199 a month

Comply with employment law…
Legal requirements apply to all companies, no matter how small

… and build the HR processes you need to grow.
From contracts to complex policies, your advisors will set up your HR for success

Need HR support?

HR services for SMEs

With HR Advice, you get access to a range of HR support services tailored to your UK small business, all in one package:

UK employment law advice for small businesses

We make sure all your HR processes meet the standards required by UK employment law — so you’re protected from being taken to an employment tribunal.

Small business employee handbook

We codify your HR policies, processes and culture in a comprehensive handbook that reflects your company’s identity and fits with SMEs’ best-practice benchmarks.

Personalised HR advice, in the moments you need it most

Dismissals, grievances, redundancies – your experienced advisor can support you through any HR issue with solutions tailored to your small company.

Employment contracts

We review your employment contracts, making sure they're compliant and up-to-date with recent regulations.

HR policies for UK small businesses

From ticking off minimum requirements to building a progressive place to work — we help you craft the right HR policies for your small business.

Need help with any of the above?

HR policies for UK small businesses

Comply with the law…

According to UK employment law, every company, no matter how small, needs three specific Human Resources policies on file:

1. A Health and Safety Policy

2. A Disciplinary/Dismissal Policy

3. A Grievance Policy

Having an HR consultant create or review your policies will ensure your company is compliant and protected from legal action — without you having to rely on big-corporate employment lawyers.

… and codify your company culture

As your small business grows, it’ll become more and more important to build other policies to set out how you work. The best way to do this is by creating an employee handbook.

Our advisors will create a personalised company handbook for you that's easy to read, looks great and fits your company identity.

“With HR Advice, it’s like having an extra member on your team. You have that kind of expertise you can lean on and tap into whenever you need it, without needing to hire someone in the business.”

Ben Wharfe, Chief People Officer

The cost of outsourcing HR support

Internal HR or outsourcing?

One of the reasons why most small businesses outsource their HR is because it is much more cost-effective than hiring an in-house HR professional.

If you run a company with under 50 employees, you’ll likely only need ad-hoc HR support — in which case, an external HR consultant will provide the best value for your money.

Charlie’s HR Advice — world-class HR, made accessible

At Charlie, we provide expert HR solutions tailored to your small business’ needs — for a price you can afford.

Get unlimited support from your dedicated advisor, anytime you need, with contracts, policies and handbook creation included, for only £199 per month.

This is how we compare to other HR consultancy services price-wise:

Monthly commitment

We value your flexibility as a growing business. For this reason, you can use our HR service for as long or as little as you like – and if you’re not getting value from it, you can leave at any time.

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