Annual Leave Policies

Fully compliant, legally robust, leave policies

Holiday entitlement policy

This policy sets out the arrangements, rules and procedures in relation to taking time off work, including but not limited to the taking of annual holiday entitlement. It applies to all employees of [COMPANY NAME] at all levels and grades. This includes full-time, part-time, permanent and fixed term employees.

The Leave Entitlement policy does not form part of your contract of employment, and the Company reserves the right to amend it at any time.

Paid annual leave entitlement

The Company’s holiday year runs from 1 January to 31 December. Unless your contract of employment states otherwise, you are entitled to take [DAYS] days of paid holiday in each complete holiday year, plus the usual public holidays.

If you are part-time, your entitlement will be the pro rata equivalent of the above - the actual amount will be detailed in your contract of employment. Similarly, if you are employed on a fixed term basis, your leave entitlement will be proportionate to your length of contract