Holiday Calculator

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This annual leave calculator will help any founder, employer, or HR professional quickly work out the holiday entitlement for an employee.

Use the holiday entitlement calculator to work out:

  • Pro-rated annual leave entitlements for part time staff.
  • Pro-rated holiday allowances for team members beginning or ending their employment in the middle of the year.

How do the calculations work?

There is a statutory minimum for the amount of annual leave that a team member is entitled to. In the UK, this minimum is 5.6 weeks.

This works out as 28 days for a full time, 5-days-a-week team member: 5 x 5.6 = 28 (Note: this can include bank holidays and national holidays).

A part time employee is entitled to the same amount of holiday pro rata. For example, if a team member works 4 days per week this would amount to 23 days’ allowance (4 x 5.6 = 22.4). In the UK, these holiday allowances must legally be rounded up (not down) to the nearest half day.