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The charlie teamThe charlie team


At Charlie our vision guides us in how we work everyday. You might find these statements useful to add to any materials that talk about Charlie.


Short version

Charlie builds HR solutions that help small companies thrive in the new world of work.


Short version

Charlie automates your HR tasks and gives you the time, headspace and tools you need to build an engaged and high-performing team.

Long version

Charlie automates your HR tasks and gives you the time, headspace and tools you need to look after your people. From everyday tasks like time-off management, to facilitating meaningful performance conversations, Charlie sits at the heart of your efforts to build, manage and nurture a happy and high-performing team.


The key accent colour in the brand toolbook is Charlie's violet.

Bright and captivating, this distinct shade should be used to call attention to key messages and calls to action, rather than simple window dressing.


charlie violet


R 205
G 144
B 255

Full palette

A full palette of additional colours are also part of the brand toolbox.

The primary palette should be used exclusively where possible, with the tertiary palette playing a supporting role.




R 242
G 234
B 226

Midnight blue


R 17
G 17
B 40




R 255
G 170
B 68

Sea green


R 79
G 211
B 132



R 216
G 205
B 0

Sky blue


R 0
G 176
B 218



R 221
G 86
B 77



R 0
G 250
B 200


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Product shots

When it comes to product shots, we believe in a "human-led" approach. Where possible photography will be at the centre of the product shot with simplified parts of the Charlie software surrounding it.

The main photography element should have a bold shadow graphic applied to it to show how Charlie is elevating their HR experience.

While the previous style should be the default approach, occasionally a more detailed, software-led view can be used to show a more total view of the product.



A much more aspirational take that places the emphasis on the people using Charlie, while drawing attention to some of it's features.

charlie product shot


A pragmatic approach to what Charlie offers, highlighting some of the key aspects users can access from their Charlie dashboard.

charlie dashboard


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A library of icons, created with our brush stroke style, are available to help support text and assist in wayfinding.

There are icons for each of the core Charlie features as well as a selection of more general options.

Icons should always be used inside a full colour, circular container.


Onboarding iconTime off iconPerformance reviews iconPolls iconPerks iconHR advice iconMegaphone iconRocket iconStopwatch iconThumbs up iconLock iconMap icon


Zip file icon


There are a library of supporting illustrations available in a brush stroke style and the charlie logo incorporated.

These images have been selected to celebrate "effortless moments" of what it feels like to use charlie.


charlie illustrationcharlie illustrationcharlie illustrationcharlie illustration


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A full set of brand guidelines are available for offline viewing that contain all the information listed in this page, as well as more in-depth information on the charlie visual brand.

Brand guidelines cover


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Offline guidelines

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