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Jonathan North – Head of Ops @ Fix Radio

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Why Fix Radio journey might resonate with yours:


They had no concrete processes before Charlie  – they used to deal with time off and other processes on an ad hoc basis, which was fine up until a certain point. 


They didn’t want to have to hire an HR person – they were very conscious of budget and of not having enough work to give to an HR employee. 


They wanted an intuitive platform – they were looking for a no faff solution that could do the job at a reasonable price. 

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Fix Radio is the UK’s only radio station exclusively aimed at tradespeople. Launched in London in 2017, it offers an upbeat soundtrack, minimal ads, and relevant content delivered by authentic presenters. The station serves as a vital source of entertainment and information throughout the demanding workdays of tradespeople, providing a highly effective route to market for commercial partners. Following its nationwide expansion in 2022, Fix Radio has significantly increased its audience, now reaching just under half a million tradespeople every week. This growth has solidified its position as the leading marketing channel for UK tradespeople. Fix Radio is more than just a station; it’s a community. In 2022, the station successfully crowdfunded over £1 million from its dedicated listeners to support its nationwide expansion.

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Why Charlie?

They used Charlie when they wanted to start scaling their business and deal with time off in a more effective way. 

The challenges

They couldn’t deal with time off very effectively without HR software and wanted a tool that was super easy to use. 

The feedback

“Charlie looked like it was the right solution for a small business like ours. It made us look professional and took a big part of the admin off our hands.” 

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What are the challenges Fix Radio was facing and how did CharlieHR help to solve them?

Challenge 1 – No proper time off management process 

Before Charlie, Fix Radio used to deal with time off on an ad hoc basis – it was very just up to putting in a request and checking the dates with higher management and recording it on a calendar. So far so good. 

When they decided to scale a few months later, however, this process became a bit harder to maintain and they knew they had to look for HR software that would help them save time and have an overview of everyone’s time off. 

Result 1 – Charlie’s time off feature as the solution

Charlie quickly appeared like the ideal solution for this growing business. It was a way for them to standardise their time off process, which was the main HR challenge they were facing. 

By getting Charlie, it allowed Fix Radio to:

  • Have an overview of all their team’s time off – no need to ask around  or check different calendars. 

  • Get all the time off process in one place – from employees to managers, everyone can manage it on Charlie’s platform. 

  • Understand time off overlaps and restrictions – Charlie directly flags who is off when a request is submitted so managers can review it. 

“Time off seems like such a simple process, but it can actually make the admin pile up without a proper tool. It also requires coordination for a team like ours so it’s great to have Charlie for that now.” 

Jonathan North – Head of Ops @ Fix Radio

Shared calendar in CharlieCreate your company handbook with Charlie

Challenge 2 – Having the right tools in place to scale 

Scaling can be a challenge for many companies. There are a lot of aspects to consider, especially when it comes to onboarding new employees and making sure you have all their employment contracts in place. 

When you’re in the midst of a hiring spree, it can be difficult to find documents at the right time and making sure you’ve recorded all the info you need for each employee. 

Fix Radio knew they needed to find a solution to this before they grew.

Result 2 – HR documents and employee stored on a straightforward platform

Small businesses don’t often realise how crucial it can be to have all your HR documents and data in one place.

This was one of the aspects of HR software that Fix Radio was looking for, on top of going for a secure platform where they knew they’d protect their employee data. 

With Charlie, there’s been a lot of improvements in the way their HR data and documents are handled:

  • All HR documents can be stored in the platform and easily found within one click 

  • Passport and right to work checks can be done on Charlie

  • All employee data is self-served (employees can update it themselves) and secured 

  • Reports can be generated by management if needed under CSV or useful dashboards 

  • Everything is handled through a very simple platform that anyone can get the hang of in just a few minutes

This makes dealing with HR very straightforward from Fix Radio’s point of view. 

“A lot of people don’t actually realise how much legal stuff there is around hiring, and it’s great to have a platform to help us stay compliant.” 

Jonathan North – Head of Ops @ Fix Radio

Storing company dataReviews in Charlie

What would you say to small businesses and startups considering CharlieHR?

“It’s a great solution if you’re looking for a quick set up and a very intuitive UI. It’s also budget friendly which is exactly what small businesses like us are looking for, so go for it.”  

Jonathan North – Head of Ops @ Fix Radio

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