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Startup founder, ops manager, head of people? Our HR software for small businesses has got you covered: save time on repetitive admin tasks, streamline your processes and do it right the first time. 

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In a world where 38% of people in the UK work from home and where you can do your job sitting by the beach as well as anywhere, flexibility and accessibility are key.

Unlike traditional, locally installed software, CharlieHR’s cloud HR software offers you a new level of freedom in how you run your business.

Our cloud HR software is designed with small businesses like yours in mind.
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Empowering remote work and flexibility

Using cloud HR automation software empowers your employees and team members to do their work where they’re most creative and productive. They prefer working at home rather than being chained to a desk? Not a problem! Are they a globe-trotting digital nomad who prefers to work by the beach? With our cloud HR management software, that’s entirely doable!

Using CharlieHR’s cloud HR self-service software gives your employees accessibility options such as:

  • Flexibility: Access your HR suite of tools anytime, anywhere, and from any device

  • Empowerment: Enable your team to request holidays and annual leave, complete their onboarding, and more - all without being tied to a physical location

  • Alignment with modern work trends: Remote work is the way of the future. Support the needs of work-from-home and digital nomad employees with cloud-based HR software that puts you on the cutting edge

You’re not just providing tangible benefits to your employees. You’re also sending a message that you value what they do for you, and you’re willing to reciprocate and invest in their happiness and satisfaction.

Automate your HRAutomate your HR

Secure and efficient data storage

Go 100% paperless

Cloud data storage is more than just a technical concern, but a clever strategic move. With CharlieHR’s cloud HR software, you’ll have a remote cloud storage solution that’s efficient, secure and perfect for a growing small business.

  • Secure Cloud storage: Your sensitive HR information is safe with us as it’s encrypted and protected in a way that’s compliant with industry standards

  • Transition from spreadsheets: Say farewell to those tedious and messy spreadsheets and shared docs. You’ll have a centralised data management system that removes the need for local storage and manual updates - one that does the heavy lifting for you

  • Accessibility:  Store, access and share your data from anywhere - whether that’s your employee policies, your employee performance reviews or your process documents

Going 100% paperless isn’t just environmentally conscious - it’s a savvy business move.

Enhance team collaboration with real-time tools

Streamline communication and project management

Teamwork makes the dream work. Your CharlieHR cloud HR software is designed to make collaboration easy with tools that streamline communication and project management in real-time.

  • Real-time collaboration: with Charlie, your team members can work on the same documents all at once, at the same time. This enables real-time communication and makes for a more tight-knit and cohesive team.

  • Seamless integration with other tools: Our cloud-based HR software integrates with other common business tools and software, to make for a unified tech stack.

  • Empowering remote collaboration: Getting things done is no longer an issue if you have a remote, distributed team. With our cloud HR software, distance is no barrier to collaboration. Team members can work together just as well from different locations without sacrificing productivity

Go cloud, and build a culture of openness and innovation.

Stay up-to-date with automatic updates

Staying consistent with your software updates is a matter of security, and making sure you have the best tools at your disposal.

With our cloud HR software, you’ll have access to the latest tools and features with automatic software updates.

  • Effortless automatic updates: No more fretting over manual installations or patches. Our platform updates itself and applies new features and improvements on-the-go

  • Monthly releases: Continuous innovation is what makes a business grow. That’s why we release new features and integrations every month. Our cloud HR software keeps your HR management fresh and on the cutting edge, from your enhanced reporting tools to your posh collaboration features

  • Peace of mind: Your updates won’t just bring you the latest new features, they’ll also ensure your business remains secure and compliant. You can trust our platform is aligned with industry standards and regulations

Embrace the future with cloud HR software.

Make your HR effortless


Why is Cloud HR software essential for small businesses?


Cloud HR software offers your small business the flexibility and streamlined collaboration you wouldn’t have otherwise. A centralised and secure data management system makes sure that your sensitive employee data is handled with care.

Those features come together to make your HR processes - and your small business - modern and efficient.

How does CharlieHR's cloud-based HR software for small businesses enhance collaboration and data storage?


CharlieHR's cloud-based HR platform improves collaboration with real-time communication and teamwork on your shared projects. Having secure cloud data storage makes your data accessible in one, unified place. These help foster a more efficient work environment.

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