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Deskbird is the easiest and most powerful workplace management app to plan your week and book desks, rooms, and more.

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Deskbird is the workplace management app that puts employees first. Over 5,000 offices and clients like Deloitte, IHG, Unicef and KFC are already using deskbird globally to successfully steer hybrid work.

The software offers:

✅  Booking of desks, parking spots and other resources

✅ Holistic meeting room management

✅ Scheduling of hybrid work locations in 1 click

✅ Booking and scheduling analytics to turn data into insights as well as to save costs

✅ Powerful admin suite for easy office administration

✅ Availability of mobile and web apps, MS Teams app and Slack integration

✅ Full integrations with HRIS, Outlook 365 and Google

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