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Donut scales crucial people programs that level up your organization, from onboarding and peer mentorship to training and internships.

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Donut has helped 20,000+ enterprises scale crucial people programs, making over 15 million connections and onboarding over a quarter million new hires.

Companies like Okta and Slack use Donut to boost productivity, automate employee development, and increase collaboration across their organizations.

Key features:

✅ Easy setup for sophisticated programs - Quickly launch comprehensive programs like onboarding, mentorship, training, and more with prebuilt Journeys

✅ Foster internal networks - Connect employees across departments and levels to build lasting relationships

✅ Boost retention - Engage employees with social programs celebrating milestones and encouraging interaction

✅ Valuable insights - Access detailed reporting on networking activities and key programs

✅ Automated Workflows - Integrate with your HRIS to import employee data, schedule meetings via Slack and Teams, and launch virtual meetups using Zoom, Google Meet, and MS Teams

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