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Employee engagement and survey tools with people science insight to drive organisational performance.

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Regularly conducting employee engagement surveys is just one element in building a strong and thriving culture.

To gain a deeper insight into what your employees are communicating, it's essential to have access to a platform that not only provides surveys but offers much more.

At Hive, what sets us apart from others in the marketplace is:

Hive Surveying: Build, send and analyse surveys in one user-friendly, intuitive and supported tool.

People Science team: occupational psychology,  focused on gathering and analysing data to enhance employees’ work lives.

Custom questions: write bespoke surveys.

Hive Fives: Recognise coworkers proudly through peer-to-peer recognition.

Hive Open Door: Always-on 24/7 feedback for everyone's convenience.

Benchmarking: Compare performance with industry peers and internal surveys.

Multilingual Support: Translate feedback in 20+ languages for inclusivity.

Employee Homepage: Boost feedback and enhance employee experience understanding.

HRIS Integration: Simplify with easy integration for 20 providers.

Hands-on support: at every stage of your journey.

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