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Through Hofy, businesses can equip new hires anywhere on the planet as easily as adding them to Slack, while staying compliant and delivering an exceptional employee experience. Using Hofy’s simple SaaS solution, customers can supply, support and retrieve home working equipment worldwide in seconds. Hofy offers all the lifecycle support services needed to maintain productivity effortlessly.

Key features:

✅ One-time setup: Create teams with custom budgets, settings and equipment catalogues once, and never again.

✅ Employee self-serve platform: Save time while enabling employee choice by inviting your teams to order from Hofy’s employee platform.

✅ Automatic order approvals: Automatically approve employee equipment requests for a zero-touch onboarding flow. Or, opt to manually approve requests in just 1 click.

✅ Global IT solutions: Securely deploy, manage and support your global fleet of devices under one roof.

✅ Global equipment delivery: Free global delivery for all equipment. Track the delivery status of products in the platform.

✅  In-transit loss & damage protection: Hofy will issue replacements for any products that arrive damaged or fail to arrive..

✅ Hardware support: Our customer service and IT professionals will remotely diagnose any issues and recommend the appropriate course of action.

✅ Premium warranty: Includes everything covered in a manufacturer’s warranty for the lifetime of the lease.

✅ Courtesy device loan service: If a rented device needs repairing, we will provide a loaner device throughout the repairs period so your team member can continue working as normal.

✅ Equipment recovery: Offboard an employee with 1 click on the Hofy platform. Hofy will recover all items on an agreed date.

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