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Recognition with a personal touch. Reward everyday contributions and key events with gifts of appreciation, to drive happier, more loyal employees.

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Huggg is a gift-led recognition platform with a personal touch. We empower you to reward everyday contributions with gifts of appreciation, to drive happier, more loyal employees.

By connecting Huggg to CharlieHR, you’ll be able to:

  • Make people feel valued, without the risk of forgetting, by automating gifting for events like birthdays, long service, promotions and more.

  • Easily allocate budgets to managers and empower them to reward in the moment, when it’s most impactful

  • Keep accesses up to date, automatically adding and removing users as necessary

  • Send gifts in seconds, with no need to input people's personal information

Why have over 2000 businesses chosen Huggg? Clients like Octopus EV have seen 96% of employees saying they feel more appreciated after implementing Huggg, and Starbucks increased participation in their recognition by 4X, and number of recognitions sent by 50X without increasing their budget.

Selecting and sharing beautiful gifts takes seconds. With gifts from small independent and sustainable suppliers, though to household names like Hotel Chocolat, Bloom & Wild and Deliveroo, you and your team will never be stuck for choice.

Most importantly, you maintain full visibility, security and compliance. Control what people can send, see which behaviours are being rewarded, and automatically keep records for important P11D reporting.

It’s less corporate, more human feeling recognition - without compromise.

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