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Ledgy is an equity management platform enabling you to stay compliant globally, manage equity at scale, and effectively incentivise your team.

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We’re Ledgy, the equity management platform that aligns teams behind a common goal, helping them to achieve more together.

✅ Centrally manage and monitor pools, plans and grants including international instruments: ESOP, VSOP, EMI, CSOP, growth shares, BSPCE, stock, RSUs, options, and warrant

✅ Automate your equity workflows to easily handle large volumes of data and documents with maximum accuracy

✅ Engage and align your team with intuitive dashboards that bring equity to life

✅ Never miss a deadline with compliant HMRC and Companies house reports ready to export at any time

✅ Account for equity under IFRS 2, instantly

✅ Stay on top of equity as your workforce moves across borders with global mobility reporting

✅ Decide who sees which pieces of equity data with role-based access control

✅ Secure your logins with SAML SSO and 2FA

✅ Ledgy is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant and ISO 27001 certified, with data only stored in Europe and full GDPR compliance

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