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Officely makes flexible work, really work. See who is working where each day - All in Slack.

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Know who's working where

Always know who's working where: in the office, home, or travelling.

Increase Office Visibility

If your employees don't know who is in the office, they are unlikely to go in. Officely broadcasts who is booked in each day in Slack.

Smart Office Day Suggestions

Officely recommends the best days for in-office collaboration based on team preferences and needs, right in your Slack workspace.

Boost your Office Attendance

Give people a reason to come in! See who's coming into the office each week, organize team lunches, and open a daily office chat to prevent bothering those working from home.

Resource Booking

Make sure your employees have what they need to do their best work. Book a desk, meeting room, lunch or even your dog into the office.

Make data-driven decisions

From office usage to individual attendance, we provide insights for you to understand how your office is being used.

All inside Slack

No need to introduce a new tool. Officely lives where your team already works, inside Slack!

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