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Pult is the leading all-in-one software for shared desk policies designed to simplify the complexities of managing a hybrid workplace. From room and desk booking to scheduling and visitor management.

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Transform your hybrid workplace today with Pult and CharlieHR. Discover how our integration can help you optimize your office space, improve employee experiences, and manage your hybrid workforce more effectively.

Why Pult?  

Effortless Desk and Room Booking: With Pult, easily manage desk and room reservations within your hybrid office. Ensure your team can find their perfect spot, whether planning a collaboration session or needing a quiet space to focus.

Hybrid Scheduling Made Simple: Understand at a glance who will be in the office and when. Pult's scheduling system integrates with CharlieHR, making it easier than ever for your team to plan their in-office days.

Smart Visitor Management: Welcome guests with Pult's smart visitor management system. Our integration ensures a smooth experience for both your employees and their visitors, from invitation to on-site check-in.

Actionable Office Insights: Use data to your advantage with Pult's office insights. Learn how your spaces are being used and make informed decisions to enhance your office environment and employee productivity.

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