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HR analytics, benchmarks, and surveys - all in one platform. Understand what’s driving your metrics, and how to improve them.

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Qlearsite combines HR analytics software, benchmarking, and employee surveys - all in one easy-to-use platform. It’s designed for data-led leadership.  

With Qlearsite, you get access to:

  • Auto-analysis of your HR data - no spreadsheets needed!

  • Metrics for attrition, absence, gender ratio, costs, and more

  • Industry-specific benchmarking, based on global data

  • Identification of trends in your data, and prediction of risks

  • Self-service survey tool, loaded with 300+ research-led questions

  • Advanced text analytics to understand common themes

Enjoy great benefits as part of our partnership:

  • Qlearsite customers get 20% discount for 6 months when they sign up to Charlie (minimum 12-month subscription)

  • Charlie customers get 3 months for free when signing up to Qlearsite's pro package (minimum 12-month subscription)

Compatible with 50+ HR platforms, it’s easy to get started. Sign up for your free account, connect your data, and learn what’s driving your teams’ metrics. No obligation, no payment details required.

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