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Not just another ATS, but an AI-powered Talent Operations Platform for streamlined, efficient hiring. Suits startups to large teams globally.

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Why settle for just an ATS when you can have it all?

All-in-One Platform:  Consolidate an ATS, Self-Scheduling, AI Notetaker, cNPS, References, Background Checks, Analytics, and more—all in one place.  Why pay more for less?

AI-Powered Efficiency: Why stop at a basic ATS? Some of our key features include:

AI Scorecards: Auto-complete scorecards. Say goodbye to chasing feedback.

Self-Scheduling: End the email back-and-forth. Candidates can now pick interview times that suit everyone.

Automated References: Let Screenloop do the legwork. Collecting faster, hassle-free insights.

Actionable Data: Unite fragmented data. Unlock invaluable insights for smarter hiring.

Ease of Use: Built for teams like yours. Automation and intuitive design so you can focus on what truly matters.

Scalable Growth: Start with ready-made flows. Tailor as you grow. You’re in control.

Screenloop is not just a tool; it's a strategy. Simplify your tech stack, speed up hiring, and elevate candidate quality. Achieve unmatched business outcomes.

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