Perks for work: best solution for small businesses

Startup founder, ops manager, head of people? Our HR software for small businesses has got you covered: save time on repetitive admin tasks, streamline your processes and do it right the first time. 

Give your small business team big business rewards with Charlie’s perks for work — because great employee perks shouldn't just be for large corporations

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Perks and benefitsPerks and benefits
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Attract and retain good people with great employee perks

In today’s competitive job market, small businesses need to offer more if they want to attract the best people. But how do you compete with big companies and what they can afford? With Charlie, perks and benefits are integrated with our HR software, so you get an employee perks platform at no extra cost.

  • Make your team feel appreciated: your employees can access thousands of offers and discounts through Charlie — simply because they work for you.

  • Attract new people and boost retention: it’s not just about salary anymore. Offering perks for work will make you more attractive as an employer, and help to keep your whole team happy and engaged.

  • Built for small businesses: we know what you need, because we’re a small business just like you. That’s why perks for work come as part of Charlie’s HR software as standard.

Attract the best candidatesAttract the best candidates

Perks for work that are quick and easy to set up 

Charlie is an HR platform and an employee perks platform all in one. Your team can access their employee perks directly from Charlie, and you don’t have to lift a finger.

  • Anytime access - when anyone signs into Charlie, they gain access to our integrated version of Perks at Work. Members of your team can pick and choose the perks and benefits they want, whenever they want, straight from their Charlie dashboard. 

  • Less work for you - Charlie’s employee benefits platform lets your team choose their own rewards, so there’s no extra decision making for you. 

  • More value for them - with Charlie’s 30,000+ perks and offers, there’s no risk of ‘one perk fits all’. Each member of your team can choose the perks that matter to them, helping them to feel valued and appreciated. 

Perks is built-in
Perks is built-in

An employee perks platform that punches above its weight

With Charlie, small companies can finally afford to offer their teams great employee perks — levelling out the playing field with companies with much bigger budgets.

Awesome perks at no extra cost - give your employees access to over 30,000 offers and discounts through Charlie’s perks for work. From travel and entertainment to health and wellbeing, you’ll offer a perks package usually reserved for much larger corporations.

Exclusive pricing on brandsExclusive pricing on brands

The only HR software with a built-in employee perks platform

Avoid having to pay yet another subscription! Charlie’s HR software is designed for small teams, so everything — including perks for work  — is in one place.

Better and easier for everyone - Charlie’s perks and benefits come with our HR software, so you don’t have to pay additional costs and your employees don’t have the hassle of logging into another platform. They can browse for employee perks as easily as they can book time off.

Give your small business team big business perks

Charlie has a Perks at Work integration, which is just plain awesome. Gotta love them WOWPoints!

Quentin Gauvrit, Trustpilot

The free corporate perks are great and we know that they will be able to support us more as we grow.

EB Partnership, Trustpilot


What are perks for work?


Perks for work are offers, discounts and deals that employers offer their teams on top of their salary, as part of an employee benefits package. 

With Charlie’s perks for work, employees can choose from over 30,000 national and local offers and discounts across 20 different categories. From health and wellbeing to travel and entertainment, small businesses can now offer their teams the fantastic discounts normally reserved for employees of large companies with big budgets.

Learn more about employee benefits in the UK.

Are perks for work worth it?


Yes, perks for work can make a difference for both employee recruitment and retention.

Increasingly, people want more from their employers. It’s no longer just about salary or location, but the entire employee experience — which encompasses many things. Offering your team ongoing perks, that are available to them simply because they’re your employees, will contribute positively to your employee experience and boost your reputation as a good employer. 

But not all employee perks platforms are created equal, and many will be more costly and time-consuming for you to set up and continue to offer out. We understand this at Charlie, which is why we incorporated perks for work into our HR software, so everything you need to look after your team is in one place, for one cost. 

With Charlie’s perks for work you get:

  • No hidden costs: perks come free with your Charlie subscription

  • Huge choice and value: there are overs 30,000 different deals and employee discount schemes

  • World class offers: the same perks that Google and Tesla give their teams 

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Who can join perks for work?


Every member of your team is automatically signed up for perks for work when you add them as an employee on Charlie. They can then access their employee perks whenever they want via their Charlie dashboard. 

How do you use Charlie HR perks?


Charlie’s perks for work couldn’t be easier or simpler for you and your team to use. You access your Perks account from within your CharlieHR dashboard:

  • Log into Charlie

  • Expand the Company Section (on the left of the screen)

  • Click “Perks”

  • Click “Go to perks”

  • You’ll be automatically redirected to your Perks at Work account and can start browsing the discounts and offers.

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