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The best HR tool for scaling your small business

With Valentina Milanova – Founder & CEO @ Daye

With Valentina Milanova – Founder & CEO @ Daye


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Daye is a platform for gynaecological health management centred around repurposing the menstrual tampons, so they can do more than just soak up menstrual fluid. As well as having created the first world's first pain relieving tampon to support menstrual pain, Daye also offers a diagnostic tampon to enable people to get screen for STI and some general infections at home. 

Daye prides itself in being a company that exists to raise the standards in gynae health by creating innovative products and services that fit conveniently into our lives.

Why Charlie?

“We thought an HR software would be super helpful for the company to deal with all of our HR tasks, specifically performance reviews, onboarding, time off, etc."

The challenge

“We wanted a place where we could centralise all of our HR tasks and optimise the time spent on it as we scaled.”

The solution

“We now save about 50 hours on HR per month, which is huge and allows us to focus on more than just administrative tasks.” 

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Back in early 2018, when Valentina Milanova’s company Daye became more than just her, she knew straight away she didn’t want spreadsheets to deal with HR. 

As her plans to grow started to accelerate and people joined the business, she was recommended CharlieHR by another founder as a simple, but efficient tool that could accommodate her needs. 

As soon as she started using Charlie, she had to agree. Six years on, Daye has grown, and they’re still a faithful CharlieHR customer. Charlie helped Valentina fullfill the needs of her growing company, and she’s even signed up to the HR Advice service to receive expert guidance on delicate issues or ask employment law questions. Let’s find out more about how Daye uses CharlieHR. 

“CharlieHR was the first HR system we ever used, and we really enjoyed it from the get-go, so we stuck with it ever since.

Valentina Milanova, CEO & Founder @ Daye

An HR software that allowed Daye to scale with confidence 

Once CharlieHR was set up at Daye, it was easy to implement it across the business for: 

  • Onboarding team members thoroughly every time a new hire joined 

  • Storing company policies on one platform so people could easily look at it 

  • Managing time off requests and absences 

  • Running efficient performance reviews with 360 feedback included 

  • Enjoying the Perks platform for all the team 

  • Building reports on HR data points that mattered 

“We use all of Charlie’s functions – and we find them very valuable for our business. We can save a lot of valuable time from admin tasks. Our HR team is very happy, and our employees enjoy receiving and providing regular feedback through the platform.”

Valentina Milanova, CEO & Founder @ Daye

Storing company dataStoring company data

50 hours saved on HR every month 

According to Valentina’s team, who now handles HR as her business grows, they’ve managed to save about 50 hours on HR admin every month. 

With offices in England, the US, and Bulgaria, and team members in Berlin, Mumbai, Texas, and Birmingham, Daye also finds that Charlie comes in handy to handling the needs of an international business.. 

“50 hours saved per month is a huge win for us, so we would never give up on that.”

Valentina Milanova, CEO & Founder @ Daye

360 feedback for a clearer picture of performance

Putting together performance reviews that highlight progress and make a real difference – without having too much admin in-between – was an aspect of HR Valentina and her team really cared about. 

With Charlie, they’ve been able to run performance reviews in the software with ease with: 

  • A simplified review-builder to create and launch reviews in seconds 

  • Built-in templates that can be used for probations, exit interviews and more 

  • A three-step process that keeps the faff out of progression 

  • All documents and notes stored in the software 

  • A progress tracker to find out how reviews are doing 

  • A 360-feedback tool for a more holistic picture and different perspectives to combat bias 

“Our favourite feature has to be the performance reviews one. Since the 360-feedback tool has been added, we can simply do all of what we want in the software. It couldn’t be any easier, and it also gives us the opportunity to really focus on our team’s growth.”

Valentina Milanova, CEO & Founder @ Daye

An HR advice team you can rely on

After being so satisfied with CharlieHR software, Valentina and her team thought it would be good to have HR experts on their side when dealing with difficult situations and questions they may have.

That’s where they decided to sign up for Charlie’s HR Advice to benefit from:

  • Bespoke HR policies 

  • Employment contracts review

  • An annual compliance review to stay up to date with employment law

  • Help when handling difficult situations such as redundancies or grievances 

HR Advice is a part of Charlie Daye really values. According to Valentina, they use it at least once a month for a range of very diverse issues – it’s super handy to have CIPD-qualified advisors in your corner when you have little HR knowledge yourself. 

“Every time we’ve had a tricky situation or just needed some advice or reassurance, the HR Advice team has been amazing – I will never look back, it’s a great service. I recommend it to all of my founder friends.”

Valentina Milanova, CEO & Founder @ Daye

Would you recommend Charlie to other startups and small businesses? 

Valentina is super keen on recommending CharlieHR to other founders, startups and small businesses – something she says she does all the time considering she’s had such a great experience herself.

“People even make fun of me for recommending Charlie so much, but CharlieHR is awesome, there’s no doubt about it. If you are a people-centered organisation, you should definitely use CharlieHR.”

Valentina Milanova, CEO & Founder @ Daye

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