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An efficient and fairly priced solution for small businesses

With Riannon Palmer – Founder & CEO @ Lem-uhn


Why Lem-uhn’s journey might resonate with yours:


They’re a very small business with 6 team members, which means quick and efficient onboarding is needed for people to be set up for success.


Their CEO & Founder, Riannon, is in charge of HR and leads on the related HR tasks at the moment with the support of her management team.


They wanted to find an efficient and fairly priced solution for small businesses to take care of their HR.

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December 2023

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CEO & Founder


Lem-uhn is the feel-good PR agency for brands that care. Founded in 2021, Lem-uhn was established to fill the gap for a PR agency that promotes happiness for both employees and clients. The feel-good PR agency supports purposeful businesses to grow with earned PR, influencer engagement and SEO.

Favourite features

Performance reviews

Holiday tracking system

Customised leave types 

Make your HR effortless

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Why Charlie?

Charlie offered a free trial that helped Lem-uhn understand how our software could help, and be charmed by our user-friendly platform. 

The challenges

Getting rid of Lem-uhn’s current holiday tracking system & setting up easier systems for our performance reviews 

The results

Completely changed the way they deal with holidays & helped enhance the employee experience at Lem-uhn with streamlined performance reviews 

The feedback

"We really like Charlie’s flexibility as it helps us track all the leave we offer: menstrual leave, wellness days and flexible Fridays on top of our our holiday policy."

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What are the challenges Lem-uhn was facing and how did CharlieHR help to solve them?

Challenge 1 – Changing holiday tracking system

When Lem-uhn considered CharlieHR, the company had a holiday tracking system (Timetastic) up and running, but one of Riannon’s team suggested Charlie as it offered more HR solutions.

It was also a good occasion to get rid of any manual processes and keep more HR things in one place.

Result 1

After implementing Charlie in December, Riannon and her team noticed positive changes: 

  • Allowed for more reporting – the ability to track all types of leave, not just holidays, is a great way for Riannon to keep on top of absences 

  • Everything in one place - they love being able to keep much more of their HR under one easy-to-use roof.

“Holidays was the first pit stop, but we’re very much looking forward to further enhancements on top of what we already have with Charlie.” 

Riannon Palmer, Founder & CEO @ Lem-uhn

Time off in CharlieTime off in Charlie

Challenge 2 – Keeping HR all in one place + easy employee feedback

Previously Lem-uhn used word templates for their monthly performance reviews. Each month, a line manager and line managee would go through their targets, challenges and highlights with employees feeding back during their monthly review.

Performance reviews are crucial to your business, especially when you have a small team, and Riannon identified performance reviews as a way to ensure each team member knows how they can develop within the team easily.

Result 2 – Clear and easy feedback in advance of review meetings

With Charlie, Lem-uhn had a way of easily asking employees for feedback ahead of review meetings.

Charlie’s allowed Lem-uhn toto have:

  • A simple and secure process where notes are shared between manager and employee 

  • Built-in templates to use if there’s a lack of inspiration, or customised questions to suit the company’s review criteria 

  • A recurring review cycle to schedule and just hit with one click 

  • Automatic reminders for people to complete their review on time

  • A dashboard to keep an eye on each team member’s progress 

“It helped a lot and was a great tool for us to put together a performance review system that made sense.” 

Riannon Palmer, Founder & CEO @ Lem-uhn

Reviews in Charlie

3 additional thoughts on Charlie from Lem-unh

  • They found Charlie through one of their employees and trialled it for 7 days for free before signing up.

  • The setup for the holiday tracking and employee reviews was super easy.

  • Hiring is currently what takes up most of the CEO’s time. 

Reviews in Charlie

What would you say to small businesses and startups considering CharlieHR?

“Charlie is easy, streamlined and helpful for small businesses looking for an HR software, even if you’re small.” 

Riannon Palmer, Founder & CEO @ Lem-uhn

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