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Startup founder, ops manager, head of people? Our HR software for small businesses has got you covered: save time on repetitive admin tasks, streamline your processes and do it right the first time. 

Offer industry-leading perks with our employee benefits platform, and elevate your brand without putting your budget through the roof.

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Perks and benefitsPerks and benefits
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Attract and retain the best talent with Charlie

Employee benefits are one of the key factors influencing an employee’s decision to stay with a company. It’s not all about offering gym memberships and discounts on popular brands - although let’s be honest, those are pretty nice too.

Retention is about showing your team that you value them and that you’re willing to invest in their growth and happiness. 

CharlieHR’s perks and benefits platform is designed to help small businesses give their team the best they deserve.

It gives you a simple and effective way to show your employees that you care, so they’re happier at their jobs and stay by your side. You can give them a range of exclusive perks that enhance their work-life balance, including:

  • Savings and discounts with popular retail brands: Apple, Virgin, and Sainsbury’s

  • Health and wellbeing benefits: Fitbit, Hello Fresh, and Mindful Chef

  • Travel and entertainment: Expedia, Enterprise,

You’re not just providing tangible benefits to your employees. You’re also sending a message that you value what they do for you, and you’re willing to reciprocate and invest in their happiness and satisfaction.

Attract the best candidatesAttract the best candidates

Punch above your weight with top-tier benefits

Small businesses often have their work cut out for them when it comes to offering competitive benefits, given their limited resources and budget constraints. That can make it difficult to match the perks offered by larger companies.

That’s not a problem with Charlie. Our Perks and Benefits platform gives you access to a range of employee benefits typically found at much larger businesses, at no added cost. Whether you want to offer employee wellness programmes or exclusive deals, we got you covered.

With a quick and easy set-up and a simple UX, you can attract your would-be hires with benefits packages that rival those of Google and Tesla.

With the CharlieHR perks and benefits platform, you’re not just a small business anymore. You’re a small business with big benefits.

Perks is built-in
Perks is built-in

Let your team choose their favourite perks

One size doesn’t fit all, and not all benefits and perks will fit every company, regardless of size. That’s why our employee benefits platform offers a broad range of over 30,000 offers and discounts. Your team can pick and choose the benefits that best suit their own needs and preferences.

Are they looking to slim down and get swole? Offer discounted gym memberships! Are they foodies looking for the next hot new place to eat? Give them exclusive restaurant deals on a platter! Or are they travellers and jet-setters seeking out their next big adventure? Offer them a one-way ticket to their dream vacation with the best holiday discounts!

Give your team the power to choose. Then, you’re not just offering sweet perks, you’re growing a culture of personalisation and respect for individual preferences.

When you ensure that everyone gets a perk they love, you’ll see your employee satisfaction and engagement go through the roof. After all, a happy team is a productive team.

Exclusive pricing on brandsExclusive pricing on brands

The only HR system to come with built-in perks

Why should you window-hop across multiple UK employee benefits platforms, HR dashboards, and interfaces when you can have it all in one place?

Charlie is the only HR platform on the market that comes with built-in perks, meaning you can manage all your HR processes seamlessly - without having to juggle additional platforms or pay the extra costs that come with them.

Perks aren't just an afterthought with us - they're an integral part of our platform's offering. Perks and benefits are free and included at no extra cost with your CharlieHR subscription. You can roll out your perks program in seconds, elevate your employer brand appeal and bring in potential hires.

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What is an employee benefits platform?


An employee benefits platform is a digital hub that enables HR professionals to manage and distribute a range of employee benefits. These can include health insurance, retirement plans and unique lifestyle perks like discounts and wellness programmes. They streamline the administrative burden of offering such perks and provide employees with easy access to information regarding their benefits package.

How do I create an employee benefits package?


Creating an employee benefits package that works for your business and team involves having an intimate understanding of your employees' needs. It means researching potential benefits you can offer and selecting a mix that aligns with your budget and business objectives.

An employee perks and benefits platform like CharlieHR simplifies this process and offers you a wide array of perks your employees can choose from, giving them a customisable employee benefits package that caters to their unique preferences.

What are the types of employee benefits I’m required to offer under UK law?


In the UK, employers are legally required to provide benefits such as paid holidays, maternity leave, a small business pension scheme, and statutory sick pay. Additional benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and perks are perks you can choose to offer at your discretion, but they go a long way towards attracting and retaining top talent.

Find out more about employee benefits in the UK.

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