Automate your onboarding process

With HR+ you can easily manage everything from one central place.

Save time with Smart Tasks – Let Charlie do the work for you

Auto-create Slack and Trello accounts for new starters

Tools like Slack and Trello are used by millions of business. When a new starter joins, Charlie can create their Slack and Trello account automatically. Magic!

Save time and hassle by adding new starters to Slack and Trello with the click of a button.

Automatic alerts to set up new software logins

From Sales, to Finance, to Marketing – each team has software to help them be productive.

Connect an owner to a specific tool (Salesforce, Zendesk, Asana, G Suite, etc.), using checklist Smart Tasks, and Charlie will automatically alert the right people whenever a new joiner needs a login.

Save time and miscommunication issues by automating your checklist tasks.

Checklist template: Developer account setup

4 tasks

Invite to slack


Add trello account


Google account setup


Add to Github organisation


“We use the Slack account onboarding in a checklist for new starters – they're super-useful, I love the fact that you're building out the different integrations.”

– Ged Scheuber, COO (Rotageek, 30 team members)

Manage induction tasks in one place

Delegate and supervise with onboarding checklists

Stay on top of a new starter’s first day (and beyond) with checklists in CharlieHR+. Create and assign tasks, set deadlines, then leave the reminders to us.

The perfect first day, every single time

Use checklists to assign tasks. Create templates to ensure that everyone gets a consistently great experience when they join your company.

And they’re not just for onboarding: use them to create repeatable processes for performance reviews, offboarding, and training.

Share all the important information

Put essential information somewhere a new hire can find it easily.

Upgrading to HR+ removes all limits on the company, office, and team member documents you can upload – so you can create documents and folders in Charlie for all your company’s policies, handbooks, training guides, and org charts.

Give new starters everything they need to get productive.


Before their first day

Due: Mon 05 March 2018

Set up Gmail account


Order a new laptop

Invite to all company meetings

Introduce their buddy


“Using CharlieHR+ means all new staff are onboarded quickly and efficiently and I’m convinced this has helped keep staff turnover down too. However, my favourite HR+ feature is checklists - it’s an OCD queen's dream!”

– Hannah Benneworth, Head of Operations (Inn Style, 10 team members)

Never miss important dates

Create your own key date reminders

With CharlieHR+ you can create an unlimited number of custom key dates. Book in 30/60/90-day check-ins, performance reviews and appraisals, or record when training is due.

We’ll send reminder notifications to team leaders when those milestones are approaching, so you don’t need to worry about things being missed.

“Charlie is reinventing the outdated and agonising HR process. As a small business, versatility, integration & simplicity are at our core, so the transition to HR+ was welcome. We've finally moved away from recurring calendar reminders and spreadsheets; allowing us to focus on making great work.”

– Sheila Wiscombe, Finance Manager (Maido, 15 team members)

Adapt to each individual new starter

Flexible working with part-time weeks

Adjust any individual team member’s working week by selecting the days they’ll be working. We’ll even calculate how that affects their time off allowance.

Collect all the data you need to support your team

Add custom information fields to anyone’s profile. From general notes to equipment lists, shirt sizes, payroll number, and allergies. You decide what you need to know; we keep track of it.

“We used to use lots of paper and spreadsheets to do a poor job of our HR. Then we fell in love with Charlie! It helps us organise, track and report, and it's beautiful to use. Thanks to Checklists it's so much easier to ensure all the things you need to do when a newbie joins are done on time by the right team member – I think it's very much worth the price!”

– Michal Szczesny, COO (Artfinder, 20 team members)

Take your HR system to the next level

CharlieHR+ has time-saving automation, increased customisation, and many more essential features for growing businesses.

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