Employee database software for small businesses 

Startup founder, ops manager, head of people? Our HR software for small businesses has got you covered: save time on repetitive admin tasks, streamline your processes and do it right the first time. 

Store your employee data in one secure location and get rid of manual processes with employee database software like Charlie.

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All your employee data at your fingertips

With Charlie, you get the opportunity to remove spreadsheets from your day-to-day and have access to all the information you need on a single user-friendly platform: 

  • Get all your employee data in one place – access it at any time and with ease

  • Export employee data in CSV format – either in bulk or select specific information or team member to share it with 

  • Customise data fields – include all the information about your team (allergies, uniform size, etc) and remove the need for extra spreadsheets

Automate your HRAutomate your HR

No more copy-pasting and clunky HR processes

Manual processes are time-consuming and very prone to human error. With employee database software like Charlie, you can: 

  • Integrate with the rest of your HR stack – automatically update information across all platforms 

  • Leverage self-serve capabilities – employees fill in their own information and details whilst you remove yourself from the process 

Delegate profile creation to your new starter
Delegate profile creation to your new starter

Keep sensitive information secure and avoid data breach 

Storing a large amount of information in spreadsheets can present a risk for your company. Centralising it all in HR software like Charlie will allow you to: 

  • Safely store your data in one secure place – GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified 

  • Control permissions and accesses – safeguard sensitive information and ensure privacy 

Time off reportingTime off reporting

Get all your employee data in one place 

Trusted by some of the UK's most exciting small companies...

Patch plants
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James Gill

“One of the things I like about Charlie is that there's a lot more transparency to the team. They know this is the place where information resides. They can upload documents themselves and they know they will be in Charlie rather than lost in some ‘cloud’ or email thread.”

James, GoSquared


What is employee database software? 


Employee database software is a handy way of storing all your team member’s data in one place. It also allows you to manage, edit and report on all of your employee information, making it an all-around easier process to manage your HR data. 

What is the average cost of an employee database software in the UK? 


The average cost of employee database software is really dependent on the kind of software you get. It’s very unusual to see companies simply go for software that solely handles employee records.

Small businesses and startups in particular are keen on automating as many processes as possible to scale their business – that includes time off and onboarding functionalities for example. 

So there’s no average cost per se, as pricing is based on the kind of software you get. Most software operates on a price-per-employee basis. At Charlie, starting at only £5 per month, you get a complete HR software for all your HR needs (time off management, onboarding, performance management, engagement surveys, and even a free employee perks platform!)

Should I get employee database software?


If you’re a small business or startup looking to scale your business and automate more of your processes, getting employee database software is essential. It will free up your time and help you avoid having to use an employee detail form or an employee database template.

On top of this, you could save time and remove all manual processes by using HR software like Charlie.

Perhaps start a free trial today. No credit card required. 

What is the difference between employee database software and spreadsheets? 


The main difference between employee database software and spreadsheets is how error-prone and unpractical a spreadsheet can be. 

You might argue that a spreadsheet won’t cost you anything, but it will take more time to set up and figure out where you got a formula wrong and how to fix the mistake – ending up costing you more money and making it impossible to scale the process.

Is an employee database a type of HR software? 


An employee database software can be part of the many features HR software can offer. At Charlie, for example, we do offer employee database management software as part of our HR software, but we also have tons of other features you can benefit from: 

  • A time off management system that runs itself and that you can set and customise in no time 

  • An onboarding process that automates all your paperwork and meets compliance requirements

  • A performance management system that makes room for growth and improvement within your organisation, giving as much support as needed to your team members

  • Engagement surveys that help you keep your finger on the pulse by giving you an in-depth picture of your team’s morale and helping you make the right decisions 

  • Perks and benefits included at no extra cost so you can give your team members the rewards they deserve and level up your offering 

  • Integrations made for seamless workflows – integrate with the rest of your HR tech stack so you don’t have to update each system one by one

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